You thought your Spotify playlist game was strong before; DC Universe just said “hold my Power Ring.”

Spotify has been upping their podcast game lately. Back in January, they partnered with Mick Jagger for his podcast ‘Rainy Day Podcasts’ and later this year, Joe Rogan will move his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ to Spotify too. Kim Kardashian West just signed a deal to do a criminal justice reform podcast soon, and finally Barack and Michelle Obama’s audio production company Higher Ground Audio is launching on the platform as well. With an impressive collection of podcasters already (and growing), it only makes sense that the DC Universe stepped in and gave it a go too.

As if superheroes haven’t already dip their toes into enough—movies, tv series, merchandise, books— Spotify confirmed the podcast deal between Warner Brothers and the DC Universe earlier today, and that they’ll be made available to both premium and non-premium members alike.

In a joint statement, Warner Bros. executives Robert Steele and Peter Girardi said “We’re excited to bring beloved characters and franchises from DC and Warner Bros. into this new world, and to use our storytelling prowess to redefine what’s possible in the scripted audio space.”

But what will it be like, and how is it unique? For starters, it won’t be a bunch of superheroes acting like they’re hosting their own podcasts, if that’s what you’re picturing. These podcasts will contain a scripted narrative, so it sounds like you’re in on the action without actually seeing anything. Think of it as an immersive audiobook, or maybe like watching a movie with your eyes closed. The action is there with no imagery, which may sound lame, but it’s the perfect entertainment for your next road trip or outdoor exercise, where actually watching the film isn’t exactly realistic.

Now for what you’re dying to know: which superheroes will be featured in this new project? A very important question, but one that has yet to be answered. However, if you’re a DC Universe fanatic, you know that it wouldn’t be complete without the adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, or Flash to name very, very few. There are rumors, though, about some never-before-seen crossover events and collaborations, so that’s enough reason to check it out if you ask me.

All this build up, and yet, no release date has been revealed. All I can tell you is to follow DC on Spotify for all the latest info to avoid any possible FOMO when the episodes are released.