Nobody is safe when ‘Borat’ is on the case.

The OG master of disguise is at it again, and this time he’s gone into full savage mode.

Sacha Baron Cohen, who is known for his character Borat and his Showtime series “Who Is America?”, has reemerged to bring us yet another iconic, albeit controversial, performance. If you’re unfamiliar with the British comedian, he’s basically a professional troller. This basically means he’s making fun of you even if you don’t realize it—and boy, did his latest group of victims not realize it..until it was too late.

This past Saturday, Baron Cohen attended the far-right rally ‘March For Our Rights 3’ in Olympia, Washington for a group called ‘Washington Three Percenters’ who are known for their extreme gun advocacy.

Obviously he couldn’t just go dressed as himself, he had to dress the part. It was a performance, after all.

Baron Cohen disguised himself as the leader of a Southern California PAC—or political action committee—dressed in overalls, a beard, and a large cowboy hat to top it all off. He pretended that he wanted to sponsor the rally by paying for the sound equipment and musical talent, and once everything was set up took the stage to sing a little number riddled with racism, hate, and any other horribly offensive thing you can think of.

If you’re kicking yourself for missing such an award-worthy performance, don’t fret—it’s all online. In the 8-minute-long video, Baron Cohen’s talent shines as he sings about the ‘Wuhan Flu’, and wanting to inject everyone from Obama and Dr. Fauci to innocent children with it. That’s not even all of it! He also sang about hating people who wore masks, and wanting to ‘chop them up like the Saudi’s do.’

I genuinely could not make these things up.

youtube thumbnail

When rally attendees caught on to the lyrics, you can imagine things went a bit south.

His faithful security, who had been blocking event organizers from getting him off the stage in the first place, then rushed him off and into a waiting ambulance used as their escape vehicle. And that, ladies and gents, is a rap on yet another memorable performance by Sacha Baron Cohen.

While many thought it was a hilarious and well executed prank, you could imagine it rustled a few feathers. A tweet from anti-gun activist Shannon Watts showed a post from a Washington city council member who was less than thrilled about the event, calling it ‘a smack in the face to the great people who put on this event.’

Was it an elaborate prank for his next season of “Who Is America?”, or just a fun idea for a Saturday? Whatever the answer is, we can all agree that no one trolls like Sacha Baron Cohen.