Democrats have the donkey; Republicans have the elephant. Hey, Kanye, how bout the Sloth?

Welcome to the United States, where having a billionaire status automatically means you should have a go at running for President. First it was Trump, who shockingly secured the position, but this election it’s…Yeezy?

In a perfectly timed tweet on the fourth of July, Kanye officially announced that he would be running for office in the 2020 election. While most of us thought it was a joke—because, no offense, it’s Kanye—the announcement was then confirmed when his wife Kim Kardashian quoted the tweet and added an American flag emoji. That’s right, Kim had to basically say ‘no really guys, he’s serious.’

Now, there’s hesitation about the seriousness of this claim due to the sole fact that Kanye is kind of the celeb who cried President.

A previous Trending Sloth article from last fall reminded us of the 2015 VMA’s, where he made his announcement to run for the 2020 election during an award acceptance speech. The world quickly forgot about it, with no mention of him throughout the vigorous process of debates and primaries. Nothing, until…now.

If Kanye really wants to run, like seriously have his name on the ballot, he’s got to get his sh*t together. For starters, he doesn’t have a shot at either the Republican nor the Democratic nomination, as those have been (basically) officially claimed by both Trump and Biden. This means he would have to secure the backing of a smaller party, or the Independent, for any chance at a nomination.

West would also have to have hired a full campaign staff, filed the appropriate paperwork, and hit the road to do proper campaigning to gain the support of the American people. All of this while bearing in mind the current pandemic, one which involves as little close-contact with people as possible. Sounds easy enough, right?

The suspicion of West’s announcement—apart from the obvious—is that apart from his absence from the early debates and primaries, he has also mentioned running in 2024. At last year’s Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, he stated “When I run for president in 2024, we would’ve created so many jobs that I’m not going to run, I’m going to walk.” Makes perfect sense.

So, is this all a PR stunt to prepare us for his 2024 bid? Or will Americans actually be able to fill in a little bubble next to ‘West, Kanye’? I guess time will only tell, but as the legendary Kevin Garnett once exclaimed “anything is possible!”

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