While we’re on the subject…Dumbledore. Enough said.

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie and, around the middle, saying to yourself “I know he’s the bad guy… but he doesn’t seem so bad”? That’s because you’re realizing that the character portrayed as the “bad guy” in movies and TV shows isn’t always objectively the bad one.

The perfect example is one we remember very well: Sharpay from High School Musical. It has been noted by many on social media that, although they portray Sharpay as the evil one, she really isn’t. After all, she was actually a very talented performer, gave all of her classmates summer jobs, and knowing how important Troy’s basketball career was for him, she tried to get him a free college education while Gabriella only wanted him close to her (even if that meant giving up basketball). Villain where?!

People have started to realize who the REAL villains are in many of their favorite movies and series, and have made some very accurate memes about it.

They started with some of the obvious…

She was clear from the beginning, okay?!

Some of them were unexpected, yet spoke nothing but the truth…

And others caused quite a bit of controversy.

Needless to say, many people weren’t ready for THIS conversation…

No movie or TV show was safe, they were all targeted—and with reason! As the trend got more and more popular, people started pointing fingers at villains that go even deeper.

We’ll never forgive you for cancelling The Get Down, Netflix

We just can’t get enough of these memes, because they show us some characters deserved way better. And we won’t sleep until they get justice—at least on social media.


Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!