Happy birthday, Harry! On this special day, we go easter egg hunting. No, not the Easter Bunny kind.

Potterheads, you know what day it is. Today we celebrate the birthday of our favorite wizard, Harry Potter himself. If you’re a true fan, you’ve probably watched all the movies over a thousand times (and we don’t blame you, we’ve been there too). But even the most die-hard fans might have missed a few Easter Eggs and details on the Harry Potter saga that will blow your mind.

So, grab a Butterbeer and get ready to go on this emotional rollercoaster of memories. Here are a few things you might have missed from the movies and that will make you want to start a Harry Potter marathon once again.

1. In ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’, a portrait of Anne Boleyn is seen hanging in the staircase

Anne Boleyn, one of the six wives of the famous Henry VIII, was accused of being a witch. Although she wasn’t executed under witchcraft charges, the rumor was very commonly-heard back then. So, if she truly was a witch, it would only make sense for Hogwarts to recognize her and hang her portrait in the halls of this famous school.

2. Hogwarts students eat wizard-themed cereals

Although the photo was taken from ‘Half-Blood Prince’, throughout the entire saga you can spot different wizard-themed versions of cereals, such as these “Cheeri-owls”. A magical breakfast, no doubt.

3. Snape always fought for the good guys, even when he dueled Professor McGonagall in ‘Deathly Hallows Part II’

Bear with us, we need to throw the uninitiated a bone here and there too.

Professor McGonagall stepped in to defend Harry when Snape confronted him. But Snape only used defense charms to protect himself and deflected McGonagall’s spells so they hit the two death eaters behind him. This isn’t evident at first glance, but when we learn Snape was rooting for the good guys all along, it all makes sense.

4. In the credits of ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’, Lord Voldemort’s character is listed as ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’.

In the first movie, it is Richard Bremmer who played Professor Quirrell (who Voldemort was living in). When the credits roll, though, you’ll have a hard time finding his name next to the name ‘Lord Voldemort’, as the character is listed as ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’. Not even named in the credits, huh? Clever.

5. In ‘Chamber of Secrets’, one of the options on the Weasley’s magical clock is ‘prison’

Remember Molly Weasley’s clock that told her where her kids were? It turns out it is more precise than we thought, as the option between ‘dentist’ and ‘lost’ is ‘prison’. Luckily, her children never made it there. They might have been clumsy and rebellious, but never prisoners. A mother can never be too careful, though.

6. In ‘Deathly Hallows Part II’, Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to relive all of their previous years at Hogwarts

This might be one of the most clever hidden details in the saga. As the Battle of Hogwarts begins, Harry, Ron, and Hermione run to attack Snape. As they’re running, they encounter symbols from all the previous movies.

First, they face a troll (Sorcerer’s Stone), then giant spiders (Chamber of Secrets), followed by a werewolf (Prisoner of Azkaban). It doesn’t stop there, with a dead Lavender Brown (which symbolizes an innocent death like Cedric’s in the Goblet of Fire) coming next, with Dementors (Order of the Phoenix) following soon after. Finally, they reach Snape (Half-Blood Prince).

All that’s left now is to wish Harry Potter a very magical birthday wherever he might be today! Which one was your favorite? Do you know any other Easter Eggs? Let us know in the comments!