Twitter has got us stuck in our childhood feels…again.

We all have different aspects of youth that bring us back to the good old days. It might be a TV show, specific clothing trend, or a discontinued snack that triggers this sudden wave of nostalgia—but the true fun is that this nostalgia looks and feels different for each generation as trends evolved over time.

Millennials reminisce about growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, while Gen Z reflects on anything from Hannah Montana, to Vine, to One Direction.

Something we often don’t realize—probably because we’re trying not to think about it—is that those things we miss about the past can give our age ages away. But Twitter says that’s okay, let’s make a hashtag anyway.

Twitter users have created another fun and nostalgic game under the hashtag #RevealYourAgeWithoutNumbers. Using this hashtag, users share photos or videos that remind them of their youth—reinforcing their current age in the process.

Though it sounds a bit depressing, it’s actually pretty fun to look through. Here’s 10 of the best ones we wanted to share:

1. The old school projector.

When things had to be written in dry-erase marker and shown backwards…simpler times.

2. DVD & VHS Intro

You knew the best previews were coming. 



The ultimate and most accurate way to see your future. How did those predictions turn out for you? I’m pretty sure it didn’t see 2020 coming either. 

4. First Playstation

The highest quality technology the 90s had ever seen.

5. Original MTV

A teen’s parent’s worst nightmare.

6. OG of Social Media (AOL)

If you listen closely, you can still hear the dial-up connection.

7. The shows that raised us…

Cartoon Network or die.

8. …and the shows that matured us.


The WB or die.

9. Gym class finger-eaters.

Are these things still legal?

10. Shopping by catalogue

A true cutting-edge marketing tool we shall never forget. It brought us window shopping from home. 


What nostalgic throwbacks do you have that give away your age?