It’s 2020 and Miley Cyrus is still swinging on wrecking balls– correction, disco ball.

No one knew how these ceremonies were going to be approached several months ago. Would they be cancelled? Would the show go on with masks? No crowds? How can we watch our favorite celebs win awards we had no say in!

Thankfully, we’ve learned to adapt pretty quickly, and the show is still able to go on somewhat seamlessly. Sure there’s a few glitches and plenty of awkward pauses to go around, but what really matters is that they’ve found a way to give us something to look forward to, safely and at a distance. Last night was no exception, with the 2020 Video Music Awards on MTV wrapping up the summer and kicking-off awards season.

If you missed out, here are five things you missed that made headlines:

1. The Weeknd's Statement


The Weeknd kicked off this year’s awards with his hit (and TikTok famous) song Blinded By The Lights, complete with stunning fireworks and performed from a thousand-story building, as you do. The song’s success won him two Moonmen, which he accepted somberly, saying “it’s a little hard to celebrate right now,” saying nothing else but “justice for Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake.

2. Lady Gaga Fashion

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If anyone can pull off fashion in a pandemic it’s Lady Gaga, and she had one special message for all of us watching at home: wear your dang mask. She wore one herself—9, to be exact—and had a different one on for each performance, photo op, and award she accepted. They got very creative, which is why it is one of the most talked about things of the night.

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3. Miley Cyrus wrecking ball


Let’s face it, Miley is the queen of the VMAs. *cough* Blurred Lines circa 2013 *cough*. This year, she revisited another iconic symbol of her past during her performance of Midnight Sky as she ascended a staircase to an awaiting disco ball. She obviously straddled it to finish out her video, making us all nostalgic for her ‘wrecking ball’ days.

4. Black Eyed Peas sans Fergie

What we all needed last night was “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas, and thank the lawd we got it. It was so nice to see the reunion of,, Taboo, and…wait, who? Viewers had a head-scratching moment last night when they realized our beloved Fergie had been replaced by Jessica Reynoso, a.k.a. J. Rey Soul, who replaced Fergie in 2017 when she ultimately quit the group. Yeah, news to me too.

5. BTS made VMA debut from South Korea

A collective sound of young ARMY fans screaming was heard around the world last night as BTS made their debut VMA performance. That’s a lot of capital letters. Performing all the way from South Korea, they gave an energetic and dance-inducing performance of their new song ‘Dynamite’ in front of a green screen. They then cleaned up with four awards, a historic moment for the K-pop community.