Will they is besides the point. If they wanted to, they now can.

Hasbro recently acquired Entertainment One (eOne) in a $4 billion deal, that was done on August 22, 2019. With the deal, Hasbro now grows it’s vast toy empire to include the rights to television programs such as Peppa Pig, and PJ Masks. With the deal, Hasbro also acquires the rights to other properties owned by the eOne media giant. Notably, Death Row Records.

Yes, that Death Row Records. The 1991 incorporated, Suge Knight led, Dr. Dre produced, Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg featuring, Death. Row. Records.

The deal was initially struck up to allow Hasbro to grow its family-friendly brand beyond just toy-making. Along with rights to popular family brands, such as Peppa Pig, Hasbro will also receive “exceptional TV and film expertise” and “enhance their story-telling ability.”

So where does Death Row fall into this master plan? Will Hasbro be putting the now-defunct record label on death row for good? Or will they join their fellow Hollywood execs who are currently caught in their feelings, limitlessly churning out reboot after reboot?

We like the latter as well. While, of course, a reboot of Death Row would be tricky business. The current state of Death Row is as such: their founder is in prison, their most famed producer had a falling out, and their biggest star was shot dead 23 years ago. However, there may still be hope.

Who wouldn’t want a toy line, with an action-figure Tupac, and super-sized Suge. I could almost see the cartoon spin-off of it now. And there’s always the possibility of a Mini Pop Kids-style re-release of some classics. Some songs, “Gin and Juice” for example, might need a name change if Hasbro wishes to keep their main demographic consistent. They could always partner with Minute Maid to release “Minute Juice.” I can just hear it now: Smoking on vapor, Sippin on Minute Juice. Laid back.

On second thought, just forget you even have access to Death Row, Hasbro.