Expect the unexpected.

Old paintings have a certain aesthetic. They reflect the time during which they were created and are a treasured piece of history. However, sometimes, history becomes a little…dated. While beautiful and moving, the pieces lose a sense of relevancy as the years progress. If only there was a way to maintain the essence of the original piece while viewing it through a modern lens.

Dave Pollot sought to do just that. Pollot is an artist based in New York, who expresses his creativity by reworking classic paintings to add elements of pop culture to them. He and his wife search for thrift art that he can then transform into the masterpieces he exhibits on his Instagram page, @davepollotart.

His goal is to breathe new life into older artwork in an attempt to add meaning that may be more appealing to today’s audience. That means it’s time to include those Pringles chips, McDonald’s shoestring fries, and most importantly, our phones.

With these unique combinations, Pollot makes a bold comical statement that pop culture cannot be restricted to a set time period. He uses various modern elements and images to represent the distractions that keep us from being fully present.

Featured below are 15 photographs that are hilarious and evoke a sense of nostalgia that brings a smile to your face. Get ready to actually relate to the paintings you may have been forced to analyze in Art class.

1. What Diet? I'll Start Again On Monday.

Pringles display with fruits


2. Horses Count For The Drive Thru.

Horses in a landscape painting

3. Android's Don't Seem To Like Apples.

Apples on the table

4. Late Night Cramming.

Eating dinner with company

5. You Are What You Eat.

Cooking the dinner

6. Mickey Mouse Goes With The Flow.

Mickey Mouse goes for a swim

7. Silence The Haters.

Mute person

8. Prankster In The House.

Boy pulling a prank on the man

9. Forever A Popularity Contest.

Social media likes on people

10. Laughing At A Hopeless Predicament.

Laughing emoji in a landscape painting

11. The Dreaded Waiting Game.

Girl on her phone

12. Too Cool For You.

Portrait of a man

13. SpongeBob SquarePants Takes Over The World.

SpongeBob in the city

14. Don't You Dare Mess With Big Bird.

Two men holding a gun

15. Actually...this one could still be the original.

Rick and Morty Confederation painting.