If life were like a movie, then this story makes complete sense.

The KwaZulu-Natal police sure had their hands full at a recent funeral for a suspected drug-dealer. While police were originally just monitoring the proceedings, they soon had to get involved when multiple gunshots could be heard.

It is believed to have been an impromptu gun salute, which definitely did not have police approval. Official approval is but a mere formality, however, when you have the backing of your peers. Peers who are willing to pelt the approaching police with rocks to allow you to make a speedy getaway.

“While police attempted to disarm the perpetrators, a group of mourners pelted the officers with stones and other objects, obstructing them from executing their duties,” said Brig. Jay Naicker, provincial spokesperson for the South African Police Service (SAPS).

While the suspects were able to get away, for the time being, Naicker confidently stated that the suspects were still being pursued, as they are known to the police.

Authorities were also able to recover a few of the firearms used in the brash farewell. An AK-47, R1 rifle, two pistols, and ammunition were recovered and are being examined to determine whether they have been used in other heinous crimes.

The entire act was condemned by KwaZulu-Natal commissioner Lt. Gen. Khombinkosi Jula, who pledged to decisively deal with those who partake in illegal activities. “We call on communities to stand up and deplore the behavior of thugs who place lives at risk.”