A pranksters final hurrah

The video you are about to see is like no other.

It may come across as the beginning of a horror movie, or a medical examination gone horribly wrong. It may shock you or even break you down into tears. One thing’s for sure; at the end of this video, you won’t be able to help but smile.

That is because of one brave man’s dying wish to keep his family smiling in his absence. A man who was a prankster at heart, and kept his humorous theatrics alive even after his heart stopped beating. That brave man is Shay Bradley.

Shay Bradley was a veteran of the Irish Defence Forces who tragically passed on the 8th of October “after a long illness bravely borne.” About a year ago, Bradley came to the realization that he would soon succumb to his illness. At that moment, he enlisted the help of his son, Jonathan, and grandson, Ben, to organize a prank that would turn his very own funeral into a comical affair.

“He wanted to make sure my mam would be laughing leaving the cemetery, not crying,” said Andrea Bradley, Shay Bradley’s daughter. Andrea, along with the rest of the family, only came to know about the prank two days before the funeral.

Was asked a question the other day, it was what's the difference between military humour and Civilian Humour it's simple it's black. This video should say it all.This is the funeral of Shay Bradley on the 12 of October 2019 and it says it all……

Posted by Irish Defence Forces Veterans News on Sunday, October 13, 2019

We could only imagine what the reactions might have been had they not known what was about to happen. Hearing “Helloo, hello, knock knock knock knock hello. Let me out!” coming from the casket you’ve just laid to rest would be a terrifying moment for anyone. Fortunately, it seems the intentions of the prank were fulfilled.

Mourners could be heard uncharacteristically laughing and giggling as Shay continued on his escapade. “It f@%&ing dark in here….Is that the priest I can hear?”

Of course, the main intention was to put a smile on the face of the woman he loved. According to Andrea, “he done just that.” After being married for 43 years, it’s impossible to imagine how one could possibly find a way to say goodbye with a smile. That itself should tell us all just how much of a legend Shay Bradley was and, thanks to his recording, still is.