You do the crime, you do the time. But who’s crime was worse?

A 27-year-old Ukrainian man is facing eight years in prison for slicing off the penis of 25-year-old Dmitry Ivchenko, who was trying to rape his wife.

The husband, who has been left unidentified, was just walking home, at around 1 am, after a night out with friends. His wife was at the same restaurant but left just ten minutes earlier, as their home was just 1000 ft away. As the husband neared the home, he heard rustling in the bushes.

As he moved closer to investigate the ruckus, he was overwhelmed to see his wife being strangled by the rapist. Immediately, he leapt into action, punching the rapist on his head.

Still enraged by what he had just witnessed, he pulled out his Swiss army knife and removed Ivchenko’s penis, much to the rapist’s displeasure. Ivchenko’s screams woke the neighbors, who soon rushed to the commotion.

They would be the ones to call an ambulance for Ivchenko, while the husband left in a state of shock. He would later get a ride to the police station from a friend, to confess for what he had done.

According to the husband’s attorney, Dmitry Spaskin, “The husband lost the ability to control his actions. He did not understand what he was doing.” Regardless of his intentions, he was charged with causing grievous bodily harm and is currently under house arrest.

Meanwhile, Ivchenko is under police surveillance after being admitted to Shevchenko District Hospital. After surgery, doctors stated he would need long-term treatment, but it was not clear whether his penis would be reattached and if it would ever be functional again.

A formal case has been opened against Ivchenko, for rape. If accused, he faces up to five years in prison. That is correct. Ivchenko faces five years for attempting to rape a man’s wife, while the husband faces eight years for detaching the penis of the man who was trying to rape his wife.

However, women in the village feel it was a necessary castration. One resident was quoted saying “if he (the husband) hadn’t done it, the rapist would have continued to assault girls.” She explained how Ivchenko had previously tried to hit on her and threatened she would regret it after she rejected his advances.

While violence is never the answer to any problem, there is a sense of poetic justice to this kind of retribution.