It’s cringe. You’ve been warned.

Thank you, Bryson Gray. Thank you for unleashing this bubonic plague of rap on all the world. While freedom of expression is great and all, we should all stick to expressing ourselves in a manner that is not auditorily harrowing.

It takes a special kind of talent to make today’s mainstream trap artists sound like rap gods. While it’s close to impossible to ever actually decipher what trap artists are saying, they at least maintain a bearable sound.

MAGA raps, on the other hand, make us shudder at just the thought.

The new trend can trace its roots back to a video posted on Twitter, on September 14th. Formerly mentioned Bryson @SuriusVsVodka Gray posted his ode to Trump and invited fellow MAGAmericans to do the same.

It wasn’t until Trump himself got involved; the hashtag blew up. The POTUS invited his 66.8 million followers to take part in the challenge. He even added a little juice, stating he would invite the winner of the challenge to perform at the White House.

Could this sudden appreciation of hip hop be the influence of Kanye or has Trump and all his supporters always been fans of the urban genre?

It’s most likely neither, but unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the countless number of sorrowing attempts that we have compiled for you below.

Before you listen, make sure you’ve got sound insurance coverage. You will most likely experience some degree of ear trauma, and medical care is not a public service. In America that is.

Keep America Great.

But for heaven’s sake, please, stop rapping.

1. There is no better place to start than LiL Trump.

2. The rest speak for themselves.

3. Or should we say, rap for themselves.

4. No, we definitely shouldn't say rapping.

5. Speaking fast?

6. At least their speaking fast on cue.

7. Music videos make any song better...usually.

8. Maybe if you use more angles?

9. If all else fails, use rad transitions.

10. A Capella anyone? Anyone? No?

11. Thank god, new Black Moses is here to save us. Wait...

12. I gave up after the first one.

13. Mexican isn't a langua...ah whatever.

14. Pepperidge Farms may remember, but Lord please help me forget.

15. That's not how it works. At least do it wrong properly.

Believe it or not, there’s more. Oh so much more. There’s so many, it’s physically unbearable. Even getting this far down the list could be rationed as an extreme sport.

If you woke up on the wild side of the bed tonight, lose yourself in the library of the undead, Where rap goes to die.