Extravagant packaging. How much does it matter?

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is an art exhibition created by Peddi Mergui, an Israeli artist who challenges our beliefs revolved around our consumer culture. He examines the relationship between the brand packaging and our perception of the product.

Products from brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Versace are considered luxury items. There is a social status associated to these brands where owning these products puts you with an elite group of people. In our consumer society, our self-identity is directly related to our consumption.

We don’t look at an Aldo bag the same way as a bag from Louis Vuitton. Product quality is definitely a factor, but think about a knock off Louis Vuitton bag that closely imitates the actual Louis Vuitton bags. Simply seeing the logo alters how we perceive the product, but more importantly, it changes how we see the person carrying that bag.

Art is wonderful in the sense that it challenges our assumptions and beliefs in a way that’s thought-provoking and beautiful. When you see the exhibits by Peddi Mergui, it’s humorous viewing our favorite brand logos on items found in the grocery stores for under $10. At the same time, it also gets you thinking about the value we place on the brands we purchase.

Oranges and pickles still taste the same no matter how great that packaging on the outside appears to be. In this case, those Nike and Gucci labels look great, but they don’t affect our taste buds.

That’s not to say these labels aren’t important. It certainly has an impact on our decision to purchase that specific product over the other ones in the market.

With this in mind, take a look at this art collection by Peddi Mergui featuring unique combinations of products and brand logos. It might just have you questioning your next purchase.

1. Tiffany & Co. In A Yogurt Cup

2. Pasta Cans Of Ferrari

3. Flour Bags By Prada

4. Individually Wrapped Versace Eggs

5. Dolce & Gabbana Biscuits

6. Pickles In A Gucci Can

7. Basmati White Rice By HSBC

8. Hermès Salt & Pepper

9. Salami Rolls By Louis Vuitton

10. Instant Noodles By Burberry

11. Nike Oranges

12. Infant Formula By Chanel

13. Olive Oil By United Colors Of Benetton

14. Coffee By Cartier

15. iMilk By Apple