Cancel culture has reached a new peak.

Senator Mitch McConnell is a polarizing figure. As Bennie J. Smith, a candidate running for the Democratic nomination in Kentucky, once told Rolling Stones, “I’d say the crowd is pretty evenly divided the way Kentucky is: Some don’t like him, and some hate him.”

McConnell has had a long and storied history in politics. More recently, however, his tenure has been riddled with controversy, with some claiming that his actions are actually undermining the very fabric of U.S. democracy.Paragraph

His consistent stiff-arming of Democratic bills in the Senate, suspected collusion with Russians, and ruthless political partisanship have made McConnell a vilified figure in U.S. politics.

Remarkably, despite the negative attention the senator’s been receiving, WholeFoods Magazine still elected to crown Mitch McConnell as their Person of the Year.

Let us now take an unharmonious break in the story to remind everyone that WholeFoods Magazine has absolutely nothing to do with WholeFoods Market, the supermarket chain you are all familiar with. The magazine was independently launched in 1984 to inform and educate business people in the natural products industry.

Their selection of McConnell to be their Person of the Year has everything to do with his legislation to legalize hemp, and nothing more. ” McConnell has certainly been the Person of the Year for the hemp industry—and there isn’t a close second,” said Jonathan Miller to WholeFoods Magazine.

Given the magazine is focused on the natural products industry, we can understand why they would make an unbiased judgment regarding their most prestigious annual award, and award it to a man who has made great strides in the sector, despite his shortcomings everywhere else.

Twitter, on the other hand, didn’t bother reading past the headline before they lit their torches and sharpened their pitchforks. To add to the calamity, the angry mob marched in the wrong direction.

Woefully for WholeFoods Market, many mistakingly assumed that it was the Amazon-owned supermarket chain that had bestowed the honor upon one of their most hated political figures.

The hashtag #BoycottWholeFoods quickly trended on Twitter, with many deliriously denouncing the supermarket chain for their lack of judgment and failing to understand it’s core demographic.

The painful irony of it all only came to light as other gracious, and slightly annoyed, users educated the angry shoppers to awaken them to their overblown oversight.

Many were quick to remove their tweets, but as you all know, the internet always remembers. Below are just some examples of the rage that was erupting throughout Twitter.

Friendly reminder folks. Always read the article before you scream about it.

1. Maybe a drink will settle you down.

2. Oh boy, at least boycott the right wrong store.

3. Language, sir. Even WholeFoods isn't that callous.

4. It's Person of the Year, not man. But that's ok.

5. Someone lacks understanding alright,

6. A good choice would be opening the article.

7. Integrity is a strong word, my friend.

8. I don't think that's how it works.

9. Looks can be deceiving.

10. I'm sure they'll take you back.



13. "Alexa, play achy breaky heart"

14. Oh but your response amuses the rest of us.


16. If only you knew how funny it was.


18. It's awful. Very awful.

19. Read. That's what you have to do.

20. Cray Cray is correct.