They aren’t going to be too pleased with the alternative options.

The non-profit group Crazy Mothers is a vaccine injury and recovery awareness group created by Hillary Simpson, back in 2018. The group’s primary focus is on enlightening the world to the dangers of vaccines so parents can make an informed decision on whether they will vaccinate their children or not.

While vaccine injury is a real thing, it does not carry any serious statistical probability to have any cause for concern. The World Health Organization states that serious adverse events are very rare, affecting every 1 per thousands or 1 per millions of doses. Some vaccines have such a low rate of serious side-effects that the probabilities can’t even be calculated.

Meanwhile, diseases like measles, for which there are vaccines to help prevent, have a 90% chance of infection for unvaccinated children. Measles is a dangerous virus, which can carry serious complications such as blindness, encephalitis (brain swelling), or severe respiratory infections, to name a few.

So while Crazy Mother’s mission, to encourage consent rather than fear to vaccinate your children, may be a noble one, their distrust in vaccines has earned them the ignoble title of anti-vaxxers. A title they are not too fond of.

They would prefer to be called “Vaccine Risk Aware,” since anti-vaxxer is “derogatory, inflammatory, and marginalizes both women and their experiences,” according to the post.

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with being conscious of the risks associated with the substances that are being injected into ours and our children’s bodies. One should always seek out all the pertinent information.

Unfortunately, “risk aware” doesn’t exactly ring true, as the risks associated with not vaccinating your child are far greater than the adverse.

In an all-but-expected turn of events, Twitter had an absolute field day with the strongly worded request. After all, when you combine vaccinations, with an account by the name of @Crazymothers1, you are willingly opening yourself to the mercy of the internet. And the internet is not a merciful place.