They aren’t just friends, “they’re family.”

Michael is a five-year-old kindergarten student who loves to play sports, dance, and swim. He also loves his classmates.

On December 5th, Michael was officially adopted by his foster parents after living with them for over a year. To celebrate the special occasion, Michael invited his entire kindergarten class to attend the adoption hearing at Kent County Courthouse, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The idea was first proposed by Michael’s teacher, Mrs. McKee. She mentioned the idea to Michael’s mother while she was dropping him off at school one day, as the adoption neared finalization.

They both felt it would be a touching way for Michael to celebrate a very remarkable occasion.

All of his classmates held up little red hearts as Michaels forever family became official. The already heartwarming moment became a tearful event, in the happiest way.

Michael was among 37 other children who were also adopted that day, by their respective foster forever parents, on Adoption Day.