Influencers aren’t always as they seem.

Social media is turning into the main source of everything these days. We get our news, discount offers and even lifestyle advice from social media. Most of this advice comes from influencers and whether they like it or not, they play a huge role in their fans’ lives.

In 2019, there has been a wave of disclosures or busts that showed people, their favorite vegan influencers were not really practicing what they preached. After the initial outings, some other “vegan” influencers came forward to say that they were no longer vegans. I suppose it is a nice way to get in front of an incoming scandal.

And the responses they have been getting are rather mixed. Some people think that a change in diet is not something that drastic and if someone can stop eating meat, they can start eating meat as well. However, the people who think like this are rather the minority. Most of the fans are devastated and they feel like they were scammed. Especially the ones who changed their diets after following these influencers for a while.

The first of many

But who are these influencers? The one who created the most noise about this subject is Yovana “Rawyana” Mendoza, she was still profiting off her vegan diet videos on YouTube when she was caught eating meat earlier this year. People who were following her guides rather religiously were obviously puzzled and concerned. Even her apology video was not enough to calm down her followers.

The fact her apology video was also monetized heavily and she was still actively promoting her vegan diet plans on her website outraged her fans.

The latest vegan influencer who “scammed” loyal fans

However, the most recent offender is Alyse Parker who is a lifestyle blogger and an influencer. Alyse made a name for herself with her all-plant diet and her videos advocating it alongside her exercise videos. She recently made a statement about the matter, stating that she was not only a meat eater but she was switching to an all-meat diet as well.

The all-meat diet is also known as the carnivore diet. It basically means that anyone who is on it is only allowed to eat meat and other animal foods such as eggs. Eating any kind of vegetables and fruits is strictly forbidden.

In her statement, she said that she heard of this all-meat diet from a close friend of hers and she claimed that after starting this diet she started waking up more energetic and fresh. Her followers disagree. Most of her fans state that she is basically repeating what she had been saying about vegan diets and fruits.

The response to Alyse’s statement was rather calm and everyone was quite supportive. Just joking, it was a mess, people were obviously and rightfully upset. Especially the people who went vegan after following her for a while. They were lost because they could not understand what was right and what was wrong anymore. The comment section of her statement was filled with comments accusing her to be a fraud and how they were two-timed.

Even though lying to people is not nice and considered to be rude, it feels like this was a rather eye-opening experience for all the followers. Guidelines that are found online should not be followed blindly, especially if they are about certain diets. When in need of a diet, one should not hesitate to visit a registered dietician simply because all bodies are different and a diet that works for someone may not work for you.

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