You are what how you eat.

It’s safe to say, we as humans have fallen in love with our chicken wings. Those flavored little meat sticks just keep us drooling for more (sorry vegans).

Humanity has also developed a questionable habit of judging people for their behavior. As obscure as it sounds, what if these two guilty pleasures didn’t have to be mutually exclusive?

ImpHolla, a Twitter user, sparked up a heated discussion around chicken wings when he posted a picture of his plate that displayed 5 wings lined up in a row. These wings were eaten to varying degrees where the first wing was barely touched and the fifth one was eaten to the bone.

Twitter users jumped in by ranking their own eating style, and their peers, on the newly developed scale. A lot of people were proud of the way they devoured their chicken wings and nobly proclaimed their rank as a 5. It’s no longer just a number, it’s a numerical representation of one’s character.

Some people acknowledged that their ranking fluctuates based on where they are. If they were indulging in the chicken wings at home, they would be higher on the scale, than say, if they were eating them on a night out. It’s funny how we’re shy to fully rip apart our wings outside in front of people, but on the Internet, we proudly admit to being a 5.

The general consensus was that anything lower than a 4 was deemed wasteful and downright disrespectful. Chicken wing connoisseurs called for the perpetrators of such heinous actions to be tried as criminals. Gone are the days where we merely roll our eyes at people who waste those precious wings of chicken. They should be called out for who they truly are; serial killers. Their words, not ours.

After witnessing this raging debate revolved around chicken wings, reflect on where you fall on this scale. Are you a chicken wing eating champion who sinks their teeth into the marrow of the bone or are you the one who samples one bite and calls it a day? Either way, we promise we won’t judge…as harshly.

1. May We All Keep Our Standards This High.

2. Parenting Goals.

3. The Environment Shapes Our Eating Style.

4. A Number That Means So Much.

5. Crime: Guilty Of Not Knowing How To Eat.

6. Grab Their Plate And Show Them How It's Done.

7. True Confidence.

8. Enemies?!

9. The Shame Game.

10. Disrespectful To Who Though?

11. Ouch.

12. Face The Consequences Of Poor Eating Habits.

13. Control That Rage.

14. Team Effort.

15. Alternative - McDonald's Chicken Nuggets.

16. People Change.

17. Grandpa Knows Best.

18. Some People Are Born Naturally Talented.

19. The Taste Of The Wing Matters.

20. Yes! New Levels To Mastery.