Tis the season to be jolly! And I just can’t think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit than by giving. That moment of happiness, when you surprise someone with a gift out of nowhere, is just priceless and the people of Saline, Michigan were in for such a treat.

Michael Gudith, who is a fellow member of the Saline community, won a contest at the beginning of December. Gudith won a giveaway and received $500.

He was looking for a nice way to spend the money and then it hit him. He wanted to see the faces of the drivers who were pulled over but instead of getting a ticket, they would get a gift card. Helping folks is always welcomed, especially during the holiday season, but doing so in a way like this is just pure class.

When we get pulled over, we get that feeling of hopelessness because most of the time what is done is done and there is nothing we can do about it.

Gudith was no stranger to this sensation. “You get that feeling when you’re getting pulled over by a police officer, you’re nervous, you’re scared, you ask yourself if you’re really getting a ticket and why and personally I just wanted to see their shocked faces when they received gift cards instead of tickets,” Gudith explained.

To put the plan in action, Gudith went down the local police station. There he met with Chris Boulter, a Saline Police Officer, and explained his idea. Boulter was also quite hyped up about the plan since the people he would pull over would tend to be expectedly unhappy. He couldn’t wait to see the opposite.

The two head out one December morning and started randomly pulling people over. One of the drivers happened to be Karen Berch, who was driving with her mother Shirley Fowler. Karen said “I wondered why in the world were we getting pulled over, I was quite anxious and just could not think of a reason why we could get pulled over, this is just wonderful.” She also stated that the money would help her mother a lot.

Karen was just one of five drivers who were lucky enough to be pulled over. It’s safe to say that the brief encounter with the fuzz made everyone’s day.

A pleasantly surprise Karen Berch with her mother, Shirley Fowler. (Sourced from Michigan Live)

This is also becoming a holiday tradition by now, as cops all around the country do similar pranks every year.

Events like this remind us how important being a community is. Gudith did not just make five random people’s day. His random act of kindness had an impact on countless people, like Karens mother, and Officer Boulter who didn’t even receive a card.

Goodwill gestures spread happiness and joy. When we help people, we also encourage them to help others, as well.  These gifts are given with no expectations of reciprocity. The only exchange is that of the smiles on everyone’s faces.