Watch this dramatic plot twist unfold on Twitter.

Daniel Andrew, a blogger from England, tweeted about his astonishing encounter with his ex-boyfriend at church. Inside those church doors, he didn’t just see his ex-boyfriend. As a dreaded bonus, he came face-to-face with his ex’s wife and children. A family that he never knew existed.

This scenario adds a different meaning to the phrase “meet the family”. This is certainly a nightmare coming to life where Andrew didn’t meet the dad, but he finds out that his ex is a dad. *jaw drops*

Andrew’s ex-boyfriend wasn’t apologetic or embarrassed, nor was the cheater hiding. He bounced back strong and determined to win back Andrew’s love.

Unfortunately for him, Andrew wasn’t having any of that. Andrew turned to Twitter where he exposed their private conversation and it’s nothing short of hysterical.

1. "Too Hectic"

Tip for the future: when someone says they are too busy for a relationship because of a demanding work life, run for the hills.

2. Seriously, Keep Running. Don't Turn Back.

3. How Can A Nightmare Turn Into A Miracle?

4. Mum Gets The Candle. Just To Clarify, Not Wife.

5. They Say Ignorance Is Bliss. They Lied.

6. #boybye

7. A Dirty Secret That Went Viral.

8. This Trash Can Is Fun To Read.

9. ...Especially When He Gets Angry.

10. Hit Him Up.

11. Close The Curtains Everybody.

12. Shots Fired.

13. Slide Back In Like Nothing Happened.

14. "I'm Glad I Texted My Ex" - Said No One Ever

15. New Year's Resolution: No Trash Men.