Some of these crazes were just down-right crazy.

A decade. Ten years. 120 months. 3650 days. And just like that, it’s on to the next one.

Except, the 2010’s were more than just any old decade. Over these past ten years, we’ve seen music evolve, movies and box office records reach new heights, and together, we’ve witnessed the rise of the viral internet

Challenges, questionable dance moves, entrancing melodies, and everything in between. Social media has introduced us to a new age of fame: a literal 15 seconds of it.

Most of these fads came of out nowhere, dance move out of a video clip or an awareness project for a good cause. At first they’re exciting, but soon after they seem cringey. Everyone wants to get in on the fun, until everyone is getting in on it and it’s not cool anymore.

Personally, I had a great time with almost all of them as it was a great way to get together with friends to do something silly and make memories.

With the explosive growth of social media, those memories are now made with thousands, if not millions of other across the globe. In some case, even billions.

There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more challenges and groovy moves as we move into 2020, but we shall never forget the ones that started it all.

So, without further ado, let’s look back at the craziest fads of this decade. If you took part in any of these, try not to cringe.

1. “Gangnam Style” Dance

Oh, what a sensation this was. Not only was the song catchy, its accompanying dance was super easy to learn!

The song came out in 2012 and become internationally infamous in a short period of time. I remember everyone was just “Gangnam Styling” around in school and would come up with any excuse to do the dance.

Literally everyone, and I mean everyone, recognized the song. It became the first video on YouTube to reach a billion views. YouTube had to change the way that they would track views because of it.

2. Slime

Especially the home-made slime. Videos featuring guides on how to make slime at home took over YouTube and the internet, in general, starting from 2012. Everyone seemed to love the process of making the gooey slime and playing with it.

I was personally affected by this trend. I have a sister who loved slime, and would make a different slime every day. Then it would magically disappear after she was done playing. Turns out she was storing them in my bedroom cupboard and I found out about by waking up to a slime waterfall oozing out from my wardrobe…

3. The Cinnamon Challenge

Initially, this challenge seemed quite harmless and easy. All you had to do was swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds. How hard could it be?

Well, apart from being extremely hard, it was also quite dangerous. Turns out, a spoonful of cinnamon would trigger the gag reflex and if you happened to inhale the powder, it could get into your lungs and do some serious damage.

The challenge caused asthma attacks and God knows how many visits to ER. I guess this challenge was a lesson that taught us to think twice about these “challenges.”

4. Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners were not really something new. Similar toys have been on the market since 1993. It is not really known what happened in 2017 but fidget spinners made a comeback in its new modern form.

After Forbes nominated the must have office toy of 2017, it became even more popular and literally everyone had a fidget spinner on their desk or hanging from their backpacks.

5. Words with Friends


Words with Friends came out in 2009 but started getting most of its traction in the 2010’s. It was basically a modern-day scrabble, even though it let people play with complete strangers. It was mostly played among real life friends since the real prize for any of these games is the undeniable bragging rights.

6. Pokémon GO

The Pokémon game that almost all of us dreamed of as a child: a real-life, interactive, gotta catch ’em all Pokémon game. Well, it finally happened in 2016 and became an overnight success, to an extent. The game couldn’t really handle the amount of attraction it received during its launch, but it stabilized after and still has a good number of players actively playing.

Apart from being a huge success, the game also made unintended headlines as news outlets claimed Pokémon GO was contributing to accidents and public nuisances.

Personally, Pokémon GO just brings good memories to me; I would go out in the hot to play and my little sister would tag along. If we had a pet, we could call ourselves Team Rocket!

7. Mannequin Challenge

This could be the only challenge apart from the Harlem Shake which demanded an escalating level of unmatched creativity.

This challenge came to life in 2016 turned everyone into a real-life mannequin. You would have been hard-pressed to find a video around that time with an actual moving person.

The song “Black Beatles” that would roll in the background was quite catchy as well!

8. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This goofy fad had the best purpose. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was started purely for charity and it managed to raise over 115 million dollars. The challenge itself was simple enough: people needed to dump a bucket filled with icy water on their head. They would then dare someone else to do the same.

The challenge was quite welcomed in hot climates and was entertaining to both watch and be dumped on!

9. What Color Is The Dress?

This one is quite recent and frankly, it was probably the oddest one as well. It all started with a Tumblr post of an inconspicuous dress. The owner of the image was just asking a simple question: what color was the dress. What ensued could be characterized as a civil war on the internet.

While it was clearly white and gold to me, some people claimed the dress was blue and black. I still think there are just different variations of the same image and it just confuses people all over the world, but nevertheless, it is still a mystery to be solved.

10. Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake took off while everyone was still recovering from Gangnam Style and soon took over as the next big sensation, in 2013.

Basically, when the song goes “And do the Harlem Shake” everyone would just go nuts and do the craziest moves they could think of. People did it with their classmates, colleagues, families, teammates, and anyone else who was willing to act a fool for 15 seconds of fame. At the end of the day, it was a socially accepted excuse to show off your funky dance moves.