After breaking the record and writing history, he thought it was enough and decided to retire and taste new things in life.

Are you just unable to stop eating healthy or start exercising regularly? I have been there and finding a way to fill that lack of motivation can be harder than it looks.

A kick in the guts is usually required to put us on the right track and that kick may come from a doctor or as an ultimatum from our loved ones. No need to get defensive, being overweight or obese can cause serious health problems.

After all, our bodies were originally designed to hunt in the wild and survive in the toughest of conditions. Even though our need to hunt for food has decreased over the last couple of centuries, being active is still the key to having a balanced life and health. The office life is out there trying to kill us and we need to stand our ground, look it in the face and say “not today”.

Even the world’s heaviest man started taking steps towards a healthier life. Well, should probably say former now as he has been making some solid progress.

33 years old Juan Pedro Franco was officially declared as the heaviest person alive in 2016. His journey to finding self motivation started when he was taken to a clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico with a specially-adapted van.

At the clinic, Franco realized that he had to get out of the situation he had put himself in but the doctors told him that his diabetes and other obesity related conditions would not allow any surgeries to be performed on him.

Franco took this news as a source of motivation and started losing weight with a special diet.  He lost 385lbs before his first surgery at the beginning of 2017. Later that year, Franco also had another surgery which aimed to reduce his stomach capacity by dividing it by half.

He was fired up, he also started supporting his diet and the efforts of his doctors with exercise. Even though he was not able to walk, he had a system set-up just for himself and decided to train like Rocky!

He has lost a total of 552lbs and he is still going strong. According to sources, Franco is now able to move around freely alongside beating diabetes and hypertension. He managed to change his life for the better in about 3 years and he adds “Just being able to lift up your arms and get up every day, get up for a glass of water or to go to the toilet, makes you feel great.”

This story, filled with determination and hard work, proves that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to.  It does not always have to be about weight or exercise, smoking, drugs and alcohol overuse are just as important and cause even more dangerous health problems in the long run. We may not feel the effects of them but the ones around us may feel it.

People around us deal with us more than we deal with ourselves, therefore we should be working towards being a person that we would like to talk and care for every day both mentally and physically!