Happy Birthday, Sims!

That’s right, nostalgia lovers—your favourite computer game turned 20 yesterday, February 4th. If you haven’t stopped playing and are just as much engrossed in The Sims 4, well do the new updates have a surprise in store for you!

That’s right, you’re the ultimate Sims super fan—haven’t gone a day without it. On this milestone birthday, what better way to celebrate than with…a hot tub! From…the original sims game? Cue worldwide disappointment.

People are pissed. After 20 long years of building your Sims empire, this is the birthday celebration you get? Thanks EA, you could have at least thrown in a car or something else an avid Sims player would have been content with. The nerve.

Amidst all the disappointment and the letdown, gamers are forgetting one priceless thing Sims has given the world that everyone can cherish for generations to come: memes. Thanks to the occasional computer glitch and some questionable coding, there is now a Sims meme for every mood to describe something you didn’t even know you related to. Or something you may never relate to, but need to share anyway because you may just know a person who does relate.

So Sims addicts, I understand you’re underwhelmed with your hot tub. I empathize with you. But let’s try and move past this and have a laugh at 10 memes that truly are the gifts that keep on giving.

1. The media can’t keep brainwashing us like this.

2. Uh sir, are you okay?

3. When life literally sucks (you down into an invisible hole)

4. Don’t act like you’ve never thought of it, people.

5. I mean, a girl’s gotta eat.

6. A masseuse’s worst nightmare.

7. Listen to the floating food, diets never work out anyways.

8. Sometimes, it just all goes to shit

9. A rare Sim protecting their child in their natural habitat.

10. Love knows no diamond colour.

Whether you’ve played the game forever or have never gone near it, I think we can all agree that these memes are unforgettable whether you relate to them or not. Happy birthday Sims, we love you just the way you are!

Which ones are your faves