Have we finally uncovered magic brooms or are darker forces at play?

Ever since Harry Potter came out, brooms always had a special place in all of our hearts. We started seeing them as something more than a cleaning tool, not that we ever actually cleaned. Back in the days, running around a backyard with a broom between your legs while imagining you were flying would have been pretty common. Heck, I used to do it all the time.

Randomly, on February 10th, something happened which managed to rekindle our obsession with brooms all over again. To the bemusement of parents everywhere, countless children old and young ran frantically around their homes in search of their broom.

Some learned where the broom was for the first time while others went out and bought themselves a brand new broom because they only had a Swiffer. But instead of cleaning something or being used for flying improvs, the brooms were just left alone…standing.

Everything started with mysterious tweets claiming that today was the only day that our brooms would be able to stand by themselves. The claimed reason behind the whole thing was a change in Earth’s gravitational force due to an axis shift or something, “according to NASA.”

NASA never actually said anything about the matter, yet their name alone was enough to convince the masses to try out this shenanigan. After all, as they say, if you remove the ‘m’ from masses you’re left with…

NASA did, however, respond to the viral trend the next day, with a little myth-busting video of their own.

Some just enjoyed the sight of their broom standing still and some tried to take it to the next level. We all hate and are against fake news but we can cut some slack if they create an interactive and fun way for people to have some harmless fun.

This isn’t really something new either. Brooms have been able to stand on their own since, well, they were invented and there are videos on the internet explaining how. To put it briefly, brooms have a very low center of gravity and are capable of balancing upright by making a sort-of tripod with the bristles. Of course, some people made it their mission to spam these old videos and let people know that they were being fooled but they had no credibility next to “NASA”.

Fact-checkers, of course, are fighting an uphill battle as they try to defy the logic that is, “I see NASA is telling me that my broom can stand still today, it stayed still, therefore I will believe this questionable third party source!”

As would be expected, Twitter was overrun with attempts from people around the world, including celebrities, who all tried defying gravity with their sweepers and we tried our best to collect the best of them!