How much would it take for you to clean your own mess?

How many of you are familiar with the phrase “No one ever helps in this house.” Is there a parent or even a spouse out there who could claim that they had never complained about the help around the house? Odds are, if you still live with your parents, you’re probably hearing it right now.

Let’s face reality for a moment (we will not open to door to any angry mobs). In most homes, it’s our mothers/wives who keep the house a home. They do a majority of the cooking, cleaning, groceries, and all the other chores that we don’t do but somehow mysteriously get done. If you disagree, we understand.

However, many mothers face this reality every day. Sometimes it’s because everyone else in the house just couldn’t be bothered, and other times it’s because our moms couldn’t be bothered with our half-assed efforts. A personal anecdote:

My father, who has a Ph.D. in laziness, apparently was quite active in the kitchen when my parents first got married. However, his active helping basically meant subpar salads, lots of cut fingers and unhygienic situations. Eventually, he was banned from the kitchen and almost all the chores just because he was “terrible” at them. Flash forward to 2018, we discover a photo album stored in the cellar, which had photos of my father cooking advanced meals for his friends in college! Very sly, old man.

Of course, this is a global problem that extends far beyond the borders of my home. This mother from Australia seems to still have hope for her family though. After realizing her complaints about how no one was cleaning up their own mess were ineffective, she decided to get a little crafty. Not crafty like my dad, but cunning in its own right.

To convince or “bribe” everyone to help her, she decided to tape some cash under the messes around the house. At first, you might think it’s a trap but there were zero strings attached. She was even taping cold hard cash under discarded toilet rolls and pieces of paper on the floor. If it was my mom, those banknotes would be taped outside the windows…

The mom shared her idea on a Facebook group and everyone seemed to love it. Despite the positive reception, she revealed the method was not actually working on her kids.

At that point, one would think that maybe the amount she was leaving around was pennies. Far from it, as it turns out the banknotes laying around were worth about 20-50 Australian Dollars. I don’t how much money someone needs to pick up a piece of paper but I would do a barrel roll while picking up every toilet paper roll for half that amount.

She also shared a collage of pictures diagraming the failure of her genius idea. If need be, she’s ready to raise the stakes.

Raising the stakes might garner more interest but as some other in the group pointed out, “my kids would probably pick it up, take out the money, throw it back on the floor and forget about the entire purpose.”

As funny and creative as this story is, it really sheds light on how much we take our parent’s efforts for granted. One would assume picking up a scrap piece of paper and recycling it would be a mindless activity that wouldn’t need someone to ask you, let alone bribe you, to do.

Most of the time, parents aren’t even looking for any extra effort. They just want you to clean up after your own dirty self. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to help out a little extra from time to time. Nothing says “I love you” like taking the load off of their shoulders.

Who knows, while you’re in the midst of your pro bono work, you might just stumble across a very lucrative lump of toilet paper rolls.