When all else fails, blame Satan.

Never ask a question that you are not ready to hear the answer for.  Occasionally, fear of rejection can be a wonderful thing. It forces us to think and to reconsider what we are about to say.

While taking a leap of faith is admirable, sometimes it’s better to refrain from saying or asking something that you will likely regret later. In this case, the faith just wasn’t strong enough

The National Association of Christian Lawmakers learned this the hard way.

If you are opening a poll with two options, you must at least be mentally prepared for both outcomes, right? Even if one of the options dominates the other.

It was probably a nice morning over at the @ChristLawmakers head office when they decided to ask the people of Twitter whether they would be better off if more Christians served in elected office?

By their tone, it was obvious that they were quite confident with how the vote would pan out. But the results did not go the way they predicted. Over 40,000 people cast their votes and almost 93% of them were resounding a “No”.

The comment section of the original post turned into a warzone and “Yes” voters could not believe their eyes. Some blamed the internet for trolling but others took it a tad more seriously and turned the heat on atheists and Satanists.

Normally, we are used to seeing tweets and votes like this to get deleted and disappear to the dark side of the internet but Christian Lawmakers were just getting started. They rejoined the discussion they created with their original vote with harsh and formidable claims.

As the hours passed, more people voted “No” but the Lawmakers were also convinced that this was the work of Satanists and atheists who were “piling” on their poll.

Being the God-loving Christians that they are, the group could not just bow down to defeat. Instead, they offered salvation to all those who voted “No.”

Nice gesture and all, but we’re not so sure how effective that will be. According to numbers, about one in four Americans identify as atheists, agnostic, or “nothing in particular” and that number seems to be growing every year. Given the organization just labeled a quarter of the population as the Devil’s doers, salvation does not seem like a likely course of action.

After their last tweet, the Lawmakers emotionally recovered and went back to their agenda. The tweets, however, are still online and will hopefully stay online to be a lesson to all that about asking questions you don’t want to hear the answer to.

Jokes aside, it is best to be prepared for all kinds of views and rebuttals. We all live together in a world where people come diverse cultures and varying beliefs. We should never assume anyone’s view and respect all.