Your fairytale wedding is about to come true.

Growing up without exposure to Disney culture is unheard of. From the time infants are alert enough to pay attention to cartoons, they cling to images of Winnie-the-Pooh or Mickey and Minnie Mouse. These classic characters taught us life lessons and the meaning of friendship, but most importantly it introduced (and marketed) what we now know today as the fairytale.

It’s basically illegal to make a Disney film without a happy ending, and when a Prince and a Princess is involved, that happy ending means marriage.

Hopefully, none of you think you’ll be finding your partner through a fairy godmother, but if there’s one thing Disney has instilled in us that’s actually realistic is the idea of true love. Children grow up longing to meet their knight in shining armor, and when they do, they want to celebrate with the multi-billion dollar company that sold them this fantasy in the first place.

For over 25 years, Disney has been offering its services for Weddings and Honeymoons through ‘Disney Fairytale Weddings’. You and your real-life prince or princess can not only get hitched, but celebrate anniversaries and engagements at one of their parks, resorts, or cruise lines.

The extravaganza also includes your own wedding planning expert dedicated to making every detail as perfect as the animated film. If you knew all this because you’re obviously a Disney-fanatic, and have your wedding booked with them in the next five years, well get ready to take it to the next level.

Were you obsessed with Ariel and Eric’s love story, or longed for a fairytale like Beauty and the Beast? Well, now you can get as close to their stories as possible. In a new Disney line introduced by Allure Bridals, you can shop for a wedding dress inspired by your favorite princess’ love story.

According to their website, the ‘Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection’ will include nine gowns that highlight a variety of timeless silhouettes such as the fit-and-flare, ball gown, and of course a mermaid train.

Prices for the gowns are set to range from $1,200 to $2,500, unless you’re looking for the ~premium~ collection, which will be sold exclusively in New York and Toronto Kleinfeld Bridal stores and range between $3,500 and $10,000 USD. If this is the addition you need to your special day in order to bring yourself closer to Princess Tiana, you better start to save up.

If this all sounds lovely but you can’t seem to justify the money, have no fear. Their new streaming site, Disney+, has a special dedicated to their ‘magical’ wedding services creatively entitled ‘Disney’s Fairytale Weddings Special’, so you can either be jealous of the couples on there…or laugh at them. Whatever makes you happy.