Save Money, Live Healthier?

Whether you reign from the United States or not, chances are you’re aware that it’s a country of two things: obnoxiously large superstores and a complicated healthcare system. Well, the two are about to come together in order to make dealing with your health a little less strenuous for some lucky shoppers.

Ever heard of a little company called Walmart? You know, the massive supermarket chain that sells everything from produce to guns, and electronics to car repairs. Most stores even have their own in-house hair salon and optometrist. A small town in Georgia is lucky enough to have all of these amenities, but they’re about to get some more.

The town of Calhoun, Georgia relies on its local Walmart for a large portion of their every-day lifestyle needs. Soon they’ll be able to rely on them for healthcare needs as well—no insurance necessary. Yep, you read that right: no insurance necessary! Need a medical checkup? $30 USD. Teeth cleaning? That’ll be $25, please. Have some anxiety you’d like to talk about? No problem, it’ll cost just $1 per minute. And yes, walk-ins are welcome.

What else, how does it work? These Walmart ‘Care Hosts’ will be taking customers into one of 12 care rooms in the 6,500-square-foot facility. Afterward, patients can be steered to the in-store pharmacy, should they need a prescription. While they wait, they can also have a browse around the aisles to grab some health-conscious groceries. What more could you want in life, let alone your grocery store?

This Walmart location, as well as one about an hour south in Dallas, Georgia are an example of what the retailer hopes to accomplish in the near future.

According to Bloomberg, this is the company’s attempt to ‘grab a bigger slice of the nation’s $3.6 trillion in health spending by harnessing its greatest asset—the 150 million people coming through its 4,756 stores each week.’

While it’s not certain how many clinics will be built in the near future, what is certain is that it is currently Wal-Mart’s top priority. Growing the business while helping the country sounds like a big thumbs up to me.

While it’s clear Walmart isn’t vowing to perform open-heart surgery for a discounted price, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. People in this country need opportunities such as this to get the help they need without being turned away due to lack of insurance. Now, not only can they see a doctor, but they can pick up some Cheerios on the way out—and that’s the type of convenience we all need in 2020.