She may just have to dress up as herself next year for becoming such an icon, herself.

Having a large wardrobe can be dreadful. No room for the new clothes you get, and being mentally pressured to donate or throw away your old stuff. But having a huge variety of options, when it comes to what to wear, can also be handy.

You may decide to attend countless events with something different on in every single one of them or just like LaToya McGriff you can decide to use your powers in the name of education.

Every February, black history month was officially kicked off and most schools are having some sort of an event that touches this very subject.

LaToya McGriff, a first grade teacher based in Suffolk wanted to do something different for the occasion and decided to dress up like a famous African-American figure and teach her students about their significance and their contributions to the US history.

The streak started on the 3rd day of February when she walked into the class dressed up as Virginia native Mary Jackson, a mathematician who worked in NASA and was also knows as a “human computer”.

Today I was Ella Fitzgerald! She was born in Newport News, VA. She was a jazz singer. She was sometimes referred to as the First Lady of Song, Queen of Jazz, and Lady Ella!

Posted by LaToya Smith McGriff on Monday, February 10, 2020

Most of the students and her friends thought this would be a two days thing at most but she had a wide and a stocked up arsenal in her disposal. Until February 10, Mcgriff came into the class as Ella Fitzgerald, a Suffolk native Colonel Fred Cherry, Arthur Ashe, and many others.

At that point, her students got so into the whole thing that they started trying to guess who she would be next. As today was the last school day of the month, we assume that she may be wrapping things up in her classroom.


Such an admirable and dedicated teacher. She was not only dressing up but also giving presentations and lectures about who she was dressing up as, and inspiring her students to become just like them when they grow up if not better.

Having a role model and someone to look up to can be quite important as a kid. It gives us that sense of security of having a plan in life and will to better ourselves every day to catch up to our idols.

In a recent interview McGriff stated that she was inspired to do this by another teacher of hers that did a very similar thing. Who knows, maybe she also happened to inspire some of her students in a very similar way.

Even though the whole occasion and the thought behind it were lovely, it does not change the fact that she set a really high bar for herself. Once 2021 comes knocking around the corner, her students will also be for a second round. She may not even catch a breath until she does everyone in the history books!

Hopefully, we get to see more and more teachers going out of their way to inspire and make kids’days. If we were talking about my own first grade teacher, this article would probably about a 20 minutes long video about the subject and that would be it…