Who needs 20 grand when you have a heart of gold.

There are key moments in all of our lives that test us to our core. Helping someone in need, dealing with a loss, or even finding something that is not ours can force us to show our true faces even if we do not notice.

Especially when no one is watching, the ones that swear by all the holy books that they do not leak any gas in public may be silently ripping in an empty meeting room. You just can never know.

In the case of Benjamin Feliciano though, we do know. Feliciano currently works as a sign spinner in Florida and earns about 25 dollars a day. 10-year old me would love to earn 25 dollars a day but the truth is that it is significantly less than the minimum rate in Florida and would also not be enough for an adult to get by.

A couple of days while he was spinning the sign of a local furniture company like a merry-go-round. He stumbled upon an envelope that was filled with cash worth $920.000! Anyone’s first instinct would be counting the money and at least imagine a future with it, right? Well, not this guy. He put in a plastic bag and handed over to the first deputy he saw nearby.

Normally, if someone were to lose this much of cash in public, the best advice they would get would be drinking a full glass of cold water and learn their lesson from it as in 95% of the cases the money or the lost item is highly likely to be gone.

Thanks to Feliciano, the man who lost the money was in for a surprise when he went down to a station to file a report. After he gave the description of the money he lost, the envelope was given back to him and all seemed well.

The deputies on the case did not forget about Feliciano though, he told the deputies that he took the job in order to buy a means of transportation and they just could not let him walk out with his good deed going unnoticed.

Another local man, who works with the sheriff’s office, bought Feliciano a bike to show their appreciation of Feliciano’s loyalty.  Benjamin Feliciano was over the clouds when he received this thoughtful gifted and added that even though his sole reason to work as a sign-spinner was now non-existent, he would still like to continue his job for some more time.

The sheriff’s office also shared the whole story on their Facebook page and shared the lines “We think Ben is amazing and his good deed is certainly worth sharing.”

Yes, indeed, that one should not need any justification or publication for their good deed but sometimes we just need that morale boost to push ourselves forward. Feeling appreciated and valued can go a long way and wake up some of the humane feelings we may have lost our connection with over the years.