It’s a good thing he didn’t try going for 5 stars.

Essentially every young person you encounter today would have grown up with some type of gaming, and it only becomes more pervasive as the years go by. Starting with the Gen Z’s, kids were practically born into the age of gaming.

With the countless adventures that we can control with the tip of our fingers in the comfort of our home, it’s no wonder gaming has blown up as it has. While parents were sort of okay with the idea of their kids staying indoors and playing games safely, over time they started getting worried and started a crusade against video games.

Performed badly on a test? Video games! Going through tough times? It must be because of video games! Lots of kids suffered from being forced out of their consoles and computers but parents started to understand that they could be in the wrong just for once. After all, two-thirds of male members Gen-Z say that gaming is a core part of their identity, and you just cannot fight back against that, can you?

Parents, who have adapted to the modern world, try their hardest to find ways to utilize the skills that their kids learn in games. One family member was particularly perturbed seeing his young 11-year-old relative playing Grand Theft Auto all day on Playstation so he came up with the bright idea of really teaching him how to drive. Maybe, he was impressed by the kid’s in-game driving skills?

The two hopped on to the family car and drove to a public parking lot. There, the young lad got behind the wheel and started driving around until the fuzz showed up. Luckily, the kid did not try to shake them and just pulled over. The cops were totally baffled by what they were witnessing and had to share the incident on Twitter.

According to Lancs Road Police, the adult was reported for traffic offenses but the charges may not stick as the driving age is quite low in the UK. Kids can start applying for provisional driving licenses once they are 15 years and nine months old while the legal driving age is 17, which is quite young considering most EU countries do not allow anyone behind the wheel before hit 18.

Even though the legal driving age is around 17-18 in Europe, private driving classes for kids starting from the age of five can be found online.

The getaway car

Despite the man’s way of utilizing the kid’s skills can be considered as over the top, we are just grateful that he was sensible and responsible enough to at least take the kid to the car park. There have been incidents where underage drivers were caught on public roads, that is just putting everyone’s lives in danger.

If you are a parent who is reading this, do consider getting involved with your kid’s games instead of trying to drag him into the real world. More often than not, they will appreciate your enthusiasm and enjoy your company. After earning their respect, only then you can try to influence them into trying other things. Be there for your kids and make them feel that you care! The happiest day of my life was when my dad picked up a controller and tried to learn a game with me, never happened again but I will never forget that day, ever.