Sister from another mister, but actually the same mister.

The greatest of friendship stands the test of time. It develops from having an amazing connection, understanding, and years of nurturing the relationship. For these two best friends, that’s exactly what they have. But fate seems to have grander plans.

Meet Toya Wimberly and Ashley Thomas. They’ve been friends since they were in middle school. With their friendship spanning nearly two decades, they’ve since treated and loved each other like sisters.

Like sisters, but as it turns out, they’re actually sisters! How did this happen? How did no one find out for so long?

15 years ago, Ashley learned that her father wasn’t really her biological dad and her mother chose to conceal the identity of her real dad. Regrettably, her mother passed away some years later, taking with her the identity of Ashley’s biological father. At the time, she had no idea that information, that missing puzzle piece in her life, would present itself like a thief in the night.

Flash forward to many years later at Toya’s engagement party, where Toya’s father, Kenneth Wimberly, appeared in several photos which were posted on Facebook. Ashley’s late mother’s best friend saw these pictures and recognized Toya’s dad from back in the day.

According to her, Ashley’s mother and Toya’s father were close. Wimberly recognized Ashley’s late mother and her best friend, too. Putting the pieces together, there arose the suspicion that he may be Ashley’s biological father.

To confirm this, a DNA test was done and voila- the two women who met in sixth grade and stayed best friends over the years are actually bonded by blood. Armed with the knowledge that they’re very much related, Ashley and Toya recalled how they were always mistaken as sisters because of their resemblance to each other. Of course, they always shrugged it off.

After years of hearing “Are y’all sisters?” “Y’all look just alike” and us just saying “NO” we are just best friends the…

Posted by Toya Wimberly on Monday, February 24, 2020

As for their father, he was in complete shock. He was admittedly hurt as well. He has known Ashley for a long time because of her friendship with Toya, but never in a million years would he have imagined her being a daughter he never knew he had. It’s hard to comprehend the rollercoaster of emotions that this family must have had when absorbing the revelation of a lifetime.

Despite it being a big surprise, the two women do look alike. Growing up, they have gaps in their front teeth and both are wearing braces now to have it fixed. The similarities exceed the physical. As friends, they’ve found it easy to really connect because of their shared traits and personalities.

They’ve also both explored the world of entrepreneurship: Toya runs her own children’s transportation company while Ashley operates her own hair salon. As a matter of fact, she practiced her hairstyling skills on Toya back when they were sixth-graders, which was how their friendship started in the first place. And no, we’re not done here yet.

Ashley and Toya became pregnant at the same time and the fathers of their first kids also happen to be brothers! The actual manifestation of the universe conspiring, ladies and gentlemen. As for the sisters, they’ve never been so close. The fact that they’re bound by flesh and blood now only strengthens their relationship.