Quarantine and chill never felt so good.

We’re in quarantine. Not ‘we’ as in me and my closest mates, but we as in the world. School is cancelled, businesses are closed, and all nonessential travel is a big no-no. Homebound and nowhere to go.

It’s human nature to want to stretch your legs and exercise your mind, but right now, there are bigger concerns at play that we all need to work towards minimizing. So what happens to that immutable inner voice yearning for something more than a long-overdue nap? You feed it with some of the most unique experiences being offered by the generosity inherent in all us humans.

From free online classes to the most breath-taking virtual experiences, here are 10 things that you just can’t pass up while #socialdistancing:

1. Take a Click-Stroll Through an Art Gallery

Being in isolation doesn’t have to stop you from expanding on your cultural knowledge. Thanks to some Google magic (just like Street View), museums are able to open their virtual doors to allow you to click through their galleries and read up on the pieces of your choosing in museums, everywhere from the Guggenheim in New York City to the Louvre in Paris.

Check out this fantastic list, made by BuzzFeed, of 13 museums currently offering virtual walk-throughs.

2. Attend the Metropolitan Opera Online

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Yet another creative way to squeeze in your artistic fix! The official website of the Metropolitan Opera will be hosting nightly opera streams, at 7:30 pm EST. The prerecorded performances are available to anyone interested, anywhere in the world. I know what you’re thinking, but if you’re going on your second week of isolation already, this might actually sound like a fun idea.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Live Stream Concerts

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Over the past few days, your favourite musicians such as Chris Martin, John Legend, Pink, and more have decided that in times like these, a free concert on Instagram is pretty necessary. Though these concerts have already happened, keep an eye out for the next celeb to jump on board—If Billboard knows what they’re talking about, Miley Cyrus might just be next!

4. Organise a Netflix Party

Missing ‘Netflix and Chill’ nights with bae, or your friends? Well, you can still do that from the comfort of your separate homes. Google Chrome has released a browser extension called ‘Netflix Party‘ that enables you and whoever you invite to watch the same thing at the same time from separate locations (social distancing, people!) Take advantage, this might be the closest thing you’ll get to a real party for awhile.

5. Join a Free Exercise Class

Quarantine blues got you feeling unhealthy? The Instagram account @mindbodygreen is an excellent resource for your isolation health needs. Mostly done through Instagram Live and IGTV sessions, they’re currently offering free community classes for everything from yoga, to pilates, to meditation. During times like these, it’s resources like this that make all the difference. That’s right Summer 2020, we’re still coming for you!

6. Take a Peek Into the Georgia Aquarium

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You’re probably unable to make the journey to your local aquarium, let alone the largest aquarium in the world, so instead, they’re bringing it to you. The Georgia Aquarium has set up a live webcam feed in each of their exhibits so you can ponder through your favorite species from your couch. It might not cure your cabin fever, but watching otters play with each other really lightens the mood.

7. Skip the Queue with Virtual Rides

Whether you’re a Disney fanatic or have never been, this is a creative way to beat the indoor blues. If you’ve got a VR headset, than even better. Head on over to YouTube, type in the ride of your choosing, and virtually ride whatever you want without waiting in the hour-long queue—and paying the hefty day pass price. And their’s no height requirements!

8. Distract Kids with Online Courses

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If going to school online isn’t doing enough to keep your kids learning while in quarantine, Scholastic is here to help. Sure, streaming sites and video games may be their first choice of entertainment—but if you’re looking to keep their brain active, head over to the Scholastic Learn at Home website where you can choose your child’d age group, subject, or topic they can learn and interact with.

9. Download a Book from the New York Public Library (or Any Library)

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According to TimeOut, if you’re a member of the famous New York Public Library, then you’re in luck! With the help of your library card, you’re able to download any one of 300,000 books available at your fingertips. If you’re a non-NYPL card holder, check your local areas to see if they’re offering something similar.

10. Learn Something New

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This is for the folks who are looking to take on a challenge or explore a creative path they’ve always wanted to. According to the New York Times , various comic book authors and artists are offering a free #comicsschool via their Twitter platforms, teaching lessons in both writing and drawing. Comic fanatic or not, this is an awesome opportunity to try something knew—who knows, it might be your new favorite hobby!