A picture might speak a thousand words, but nothing quite compares to witnessing the real thing in person.

It may feel like the world has stopped turning, what with all sports being suspended, university campuses closed, and the only acceptable place for us to be in public being the local supermarket. But, just because this is our new, yet temporary, reality doesn’t mean that special milestones or moments in our personal lives have to hit the pause button too.

Babies are still being born, couples are rushing to get married, and people continue to celebrate birthdays. However, thanks to this little thing called the coronavirus, people are forced to share these special moments with family in some less-than-ideal ways. It’s difficult to celebrate anything with someone that isn’t there with you in person, but with what’s going on in the world today, there’s no denying that these moments will be ones to tell the grandkids about.

In the midst of heartbreaking news, negativity, and fear, Twitter has started a thread specifically for those who want to share happy news or celebrations with their family carried out in unique or creative ways. It’s called ‘How familiar moments of joy are being celebrated in the unfamiliar age of the coronavirus’, and many of the tweets included have gone viral due to their heartwarming nature.

It goes to show you just how far the human spirit will go to connect with the ones we love and to share our fondest moments with the ones we hold dearest. Despite the 6 foot gaps and glass-wall barriers, the love can still be felt, wafting through the air.

We absolutely adored this entire thread and wanted to share some of our favorite moments, below:

1. Safely Meeting New Members of the Family

Look, but don’t touch! Through the protection of a window, these grandparents get met their new granddaughter for the first time.

2. Sharing Special News Through The Window

A young girl shares the news of her engagement with her grandfather through the window of his senior care home. Heartbreaking, but the reaction is lovely.

3. The Wedding Must Go On

Though not the most ideal setting for your dream wedding, this couple shouted ‘I Do’ as their officiant remained in their 4th floor apartment. Love conquers all, including a global pandemic!

4. The Virus Isn’t Keeping Lovers Apart

After celebrating together for nearly seven decades, lockdown is going to have to wait. This man’s wife is being isolated in a care home, but visitation restrictions didn’t stop him from wishing her a Happy 67th Anniversary. *sobs*

5. Birthday Celebrations Don’t Stop For No One

No matter what age you’re turning, a birthday demands to be celebrated—and if that means sitting behind a window with a party hat on then so be it. This woman rang in her 100th birthday with her family gathered on the outside of the window to sing ‘happy birthday’.



These are just a few of the inspiring tweets found on this thread, which is yet another blessing to have in dark times like these. Share some of your own personal stories if you have some, you never know who it may touch!