A clothing item more comfortable than sweatpants? Absurdité!

As a result of #StayingHome, you may have noticed that people have gotten creative on social media. There was the Full House challenge on TikTok, the ‘Until Tomorrow’ challenge on Instagram, and now celebrities are taking items of clothing off while in a handstand. Simone Biles, if you’re reading this, you nailed it.

If you thought there were too many challenges going around these days, here’s one more: the dress challenge. Or, the pillow challenge. The pillow dress challenge?

Call it creative or call it a result of cabin fever, this trend has been one of many created over the last month or so. The name of the game is to place a pillow in front of you so that it’s covering your torso, as to act like a strapless mini dress would. Then, attach it with the belt of your choice in the middle, and use any accessory of your choosing to dress to the nines or keep it somewhat casual. All depending on the pattern or style of your pillowcase, of course.

Some participants have kept it casual, as seen below:

Where others went for a more couture look:

In fact, some of the looks created by challenge-acceptors have executed the look so well that it appears they’re wearing a real dress. One user even reacted to a photo posted saying it looked exactly like a dress she already owns, which is hard to believe when seeing what both actually look like:

This challenge, like all others that we’ve been seeing recently, have one thing in common: they’re bringing people together, whether that’s to watch or to create. That’s what inspired German fashion blogger Katja to finally take part in the challenge. She explained that she recognized it as a “fun way to show we’re all in this together” (source), captioning her photo saying ‘The perfect dress for every party.’

Other than bringing the social media community together, this challenge proved to be a creative way for users to showcase their personality in something other than sweatpants and a messy bun. “[It’s] a fun way to actually put on a pair of heels for once,” said Georgie Fox, Senior Brand and Marketing Manager for the clothing brand New Look. In her interview with Unilad, she went on to say “I usually stomp to work in [heels] everyday so I’ve been feeling a bit odd just sticking trainers on for my daily walk or cycle.”

So, will you take part in the challenge? Will you be bed pillow, or fancy sofa pillow? Whichever you choose, don’t forget to include #pillowcasechallenge, you never know who might want to steal your look!