Run Steven, run.

Kids today are nothing like the kids from the 90’s. With the evolution of technology and social media, they have become far more aware of what is going on in the world then ever before. Using the very same social media, the children of today have the power to make a difference beyond a simple lemonade stand to raise money for the local library.

Image via News Break

Steven Burgess, a 7-year-old boy from North Carolina was constantly looking for ways to help out his community during the tough times and he surely doesn’t look like the kind that likes to sit on the bench.

Burgess says he was inspired by a TV show and decided that he would be running for six hours in his backyard. SIX HOURS! His mother thought he was joking at first since even an adult would struggle to run for six hours straight. But once they saw how serious he was about the whole thing, she decided to take it to social media.

The support and the love they received were indescribable as their community bonded together to help young Burgess’ cause by donating. After running for six hours and 37,000 steps, Burgess managed to raise around $1,500 which would be donated straight to the closest hospital.

Image via News Break

Burgess’ mother added, “I think the reason this inspired so much support is that people really do want to plug in, and they want to encourage each other and we want to help, and sometimes we don’t know what to do because we are all stuck at home.”

What a true statement, most people who beat themselves up for not being helpful just need a push. We all need that little push to inspire us to make a difference or at least contribute to something that is making one.

Sometimes doing the simplest of things can be enough. This boy just decided to run like Forrest and he managed to make more than he could ever imagine. We don’t have to run like him, of course, but you get the idea.

Smiling to the first person we see every day, being kind, and just simply caring are the values we need the most. Actions like these start chain reactions which promote positivity and also spread it.

One-step back, two-steps forward, give them the love and keep on keeping on!