Recycling never looked so good.

Though it’s not that common anymore, a simple cardboard box used to provide hours of fun and adventures to kids.

Nowadays, as soon as we’re done with the unboxing, we throw away what’s left behind. This may not look like a big issue to the average consumer but when it adds up, it becomes quite a drastic environmental issue. While recycling helps reduce a bit of the burden, the inherent costs of recycling prevents it from being the penultimate solution.

Image via Samsung

To help reduce the amount of waste that goes into the system, Samsung came up with an intelligent way to put their boxes to (re)use. While today’s children may think twice before jumping into an over-sized cardboard box, Samsung is banking on the inner child in all of us to make it’s new invention a success. After all, we are the one’s who went to the far reaches of outer space in our cut-out rocketships.

The innovative new packaging that Samsung will start mass-producing for their Lifestyle T.V. products will be able to be reconstructed into a variety of useful home-additions, including cat houses, entertainment centers or a newspaper holder. Those who suck at origami can scan the QR codes on the boxes to receive instructions and start building a new piece of furniture. No guarantees that it’s any easier to follow than an IKEA instruction manual.

Image via Samsung

Considering fierce competition in the TV market, Samsung’s new reusable packaging may just be a distinguishing factor that earns it the dollars of more environmentally conscience shoppers. Heck, it might even earn the dollars of someone looking for a little something extra to do while they aren’t watching Netflix on their new screen.

The cat house design also seems to be unconditionally cute and can keep the little one occupied for hours. Samsung started applying this method with The Serif, The Frame, and The Sero line of TVs and here’s to hoping it soon accompanies all of its products.

Image via Samsung

Image via Samsung

It’s also a good reminder for people to start reusing everything they can to reduce waste. Getting takeout for movie night? Why not clean and keep the container for use as Tupperware later? Not only would you save money on having to needlessly buy containers, but you also reduce the need to produce more items to fill store shelves.

What great recycling life hacks do you have? Share them in the comments below and together we may just be able to create that sustainable world we all dream of.