The Angel of Death seems oddly concerned about your well-being.

As you’re probably aware, there’s a lot of debate at the moment regarding countries, cities, and states prematurely reopening. Actually, for the most part, countries are abiding by the rules and obeying government orders—but there appears to be one country having a bit of a tougher time wanting to listen to their governments suggestions.

In the United States, there are protesters on both sides of the spectrum: you’re either vehemently against being told to stay home, or you’re rolling your eyes at those who can’t seem to see beyond their relatively-mild present-day predicament. For those who are easily irritated by irrationality and irresponsibility, seeing the growing number of protests across the U.S. is rightfully infuriating. Heck, it might even make the sanest person feel like they could just strangle someone.

Well, a Florida man feels the same way. Fortunately, he’s not the Scranton Strangler or anything like that. But he does employ a common friend.

Daniel Uhlfelder, a lawyer based in Santa Rosa Beach, announced on his Twitter that on May 1st he would be embarking on a ‘Grim Reaper tour’ dressed in full costume, traveling to all areas of the state intending to prematurely open. His motive? To warn the public who continue to crowd beaches and public areas that it’s time we take social distancing seriously.

What pushed Uhlfelder over the edge was Florida Governor, and Republican, Ron DeSantis, permitting the reopening of several beaches, which is basically a magnet for social gatherings in a state with high temperatures and humidity. This reopening comes only a few weeks after DeSantis prohibited public gatherings and nonessential activities outside the home, apart from activities like walking, jogging, fishing and swimming as long as people followed social distancing rules.

Uhlfelder’s costume isn’t just a message for beach-goers, though. This attention-seeking tactic is also a way to raise money. Stated on his fundraising website, the funds he raises will be ‘distributed equally to Democrats running for federal office.’

The names he mentions include, but are not limited to, ‘the opponent of Matt Gaetz, Phil Ehr and Christy Smith, who’s running in the special election in CA on May 12 to fill the vacancy caused by Katie Hill.’ He has already raised nearly $4,000 for a goal of $20,000 USD.

Like Uhlfelder says, it’s important that we all continue to social distance and stay home in an effort to flatten the curve. If you don’t, there might just be a lawyer wearing a Grim Reaper costume knocking at your door to haunt you. Or worse.