Young McLaughlin has inspired us to also share some laughs with everyone, so we found the funniest coronavirus memes for you and yours.

Time and laughter are two of the most effective medicines in the world. They both let us forget about all the worries that cloud our minds and allow us to simply enjoy the moment.

The pair is often forgotten during times of crisis and we tend to feel like nothing will be the same ever again. While it may be true for some cases, who’s to say your life won’t be better than it was?

A 6-year-old, named Callaghan McLaughlin, from Canada decided to spread the joy of laughter, until time kicked in to do its thing, by setting up a joke stand. The young lad already had a suitable surname for a comedy career and turns out was practicing his joke behind the scenes for the last six months.

Callaghan was always looking for opportunities to let out the zingers he had up his sleeves, according to his mother Kelsea McLaughlin. It’s hard to tell if his parents were getting tired of getting zinged or just wanted to spread share the laughs, but they decided it was time Callaghan to have a wider audience and set-up a “drive-by, walk-by joke stand” outside of their home.

People who stumbled upon Callaghan’s stand were eager to hear what he enstored for them while keeping an appropriate social distance. After his mother shared his stand on social media, Callaghan became a local celebrity and was greeted with friendly honks more often.

Though we weren’t able to take a peak inside Callaghan’s joke book, we still wanted to chime into his cause by spreading some joy, ourselves. So, in honor of the McLaughlin Drive-By Walk-By Joke Stand, we have assembled the best coronavirus memes because what else do we have to laugh about right now.

1. Look good, study good.

2. I see your point

3. Getting ready for more lineups around the block

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4. I already couldn't find the movie I wanted to watch.


5. Imagine the bark.

6. Social distancing loop-holes.

7. Do you trust someone who says "no" to deliver you packages?

8. Power to ya.

9. Mother Nature is so beautiful and strong.

10. Reality is a perception anyways.