It’s as if someone opened the door to the cartoon-verse and forgot to shut the door behind them.

Have you ever wondered what our favorite cartoon characters would look like if they had slightly different features? Like what would Batman look like if he were to suddenly become a ninja? Actually, scratch that, that one didn’t go too well (don’t @ us). But what about Batman in Dragon Ball Z? Now that might be worth exploring. Heck, why limit it to fictional characters. I’m sure The Rock has always wanted to know what he would look like as a fairy godparent.

Sorry, while I wandered off on my daydream detour I forgot to tell you what I’m rambling on about. You see, these wild fascinations of mine are more than just figments of my inner child’s imagination.

May I present to you, Dino Tomic.

If you haven’t seen his artwork blowing up on Instagram, here’s the rundown. He’s a Norway-based Croatian artist and tattoo artist currently gaining a lot of attention for his drawings of famous characters and celebrities we’ve all grown up with. However, he’s not just doodling them—he’s transporting them to alternate dimensions while completely reworking their dimensions. This means Batman may still look like Batman, but not like how you’ve ever seen him before.

His artwork has impressed thousands around the world, and provided some much needed entertainment. Here’s a list of some of his drawings we found to be the most amusing:

Donald Trump

Not an unpopular character to be sketched, but definitely one of his most entertaining drawings. Will you ever look at a PowerPuff Girl the same?

Kim Jong-un

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I hate you bastards in the west Donald Trump you're just a pest So I have built some rockets that I will test And show you all who's the best I'm Kim Jong Un and mad as hell Pissed off with everyone can't you tell And all your sanctions are just swell Cos then you bastards have nothing to sell Angry as I am today I think I might just blow you away My hydrogen bomb is working I say Look out your window it's on its way Call me a fuckwit say what you will A madman a tyrant a flamin'dill When I win the war with China's will There will be nothing left and no one to kill Yes I'm Kim Jong Un with a beautiful plan To control the world because I can With a haircut to die for what a man Owner of the free world the west once ran Wish all of you a great 1.April haha :) ( Im pretty sure I know what to expect : several hundred people will unfollow me – and completely miss the joke ) I added this one as a print as well if anyone want is here

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However you feel about Kim as a person, this drawing might make him seem a little less intimidating. Plus, it’s paired with a lovely poem caption.

Joe Exotic

Has 9 different drawings of the same character ever looked so alike? These sketches of Joe Exotic hit the nail on the head in every form.

Disney Princesses

This is where things start to look wacky. Changing up these Princesses’ looks transforms them into characters hardly recognizable!


Any superhero can be recognized by their iconic suit, and Batman somehow looks the same in so many different forms.

Snoop Dogg

Like Batman, Snoop Dogg is another figure who will always remain unchanged. Maybe it’s his signature hairstyle or joint in his mouth that gives it away.

Post Malone

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POST MELON in different styles =Di have literally now drawn 99 characters in 10 days :)9 per day!I'm making 9 more for tomorrow then I will take a break and work on something else :)the more I do these the more I feel like I'm nailing them better – I understand a bit better each style and flow- I like my last pieces a lot better then my first pieces :) This one is also available as a print on my store . 😃 also sorry for making so many of these , im just having so much fun doing it and you know the quarantine is super boring haha. The characters i did were made from fantasy using the respected art styles of the different shows 😃 Often i base them on existing characters and change up their features to resemble more the new character 😃 who is your favorite here ?:) and who should i do next ?

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All of these sketches look like they’ve already appeared on their respected shows, apart from Post Melon. Even if they’re drawn from children’s shows!

The Rock

Even though the Fairly Oddparents sketch was taken a little too seriously, this iconic collection of ‘The Rock’ drawings totally…rock?

Billie Eilish

If you’re Billie Eilish obsessed like most of the world, this will have you wishing she really had an emoji of her own.

Bob Ross

If Bob Ross was alive, he’d be impressed by these animated versions of him. Although I’m sure he wishes there was a tutorial we could all follow along to!


Make sure to check out the rest of Dino’s wizardry on his Instagram page.