Is there any moment more joyous than paying off your student debt, especially when that special sum comes up to $222, 817.26, after interest.

It’s even more special when you’re able to accomplish the feat alone, without the help of family or friends. This is the story so elegantly told by Caitlin Boston, a graduate degree holder.

Caitlin captivates her audience through her spandex-clad movements, as she concludes a ten-year journey towards financial freedom. Her journey crosses many hardships, most significantly, the loss of her father.

Through it all, Caitlin doesn’t miss a beat, or a payment, and closes her debt with as much style as her riveting performance. She also throws in a piece of advice to other aspiring debt rebels seeking to liberate themselves from their oppressive loan repayments.

Experience Caitlins’ story for yourself, and don’t forget to pay your bills that are due.