They did expose their lack of ability to do a Google search, however.

Being transparent is the key to any good relationship. Be that between two humans, or a wallet and it’s favorite brand; truth, honesty, and transparency are pillars of a successful alliance.

When that trust is broken, a company’s public image falls with it. Of course, when that trust is legitimately broken, labels such as “scam” or “evil” are rightfully warranted. But just because something seems amiss doesn’t necessarily mean dark forces are at play.

Some super sleuths on TikTok recently started unraveling and disassembling packages, on camera of course, as part of their deep investigation into the stingy practices of corporations selling us short. As you may have detected, these are not your regular unboxing videos. Many took their shot at fame, opening infamous bags of air (read potato chips), cans of pop, and even cosmetic products, just to see if we were being taken advantage of. Their conclusion: we’ve all been had!


Though the reasoning behind the trend is generally to save the good people of planet Earth, one shouldn’t forget that looks can be deceiving and everything has an explanation, most of the time at least. Before we start pointing fingers and hurt brands which may already be hurting during this little economic downturn, lets take a gander at some of these allegations and see if we can’t find some reason to the madness.


Scammm ##febreezechallange ##fyp

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gasp, et tu, Febreeze?

Though it may look like you may be getting scammed, what with the significant air gap resembling a fresh bag of crisps, that pocket of air is what makes your little air freshener spray. The air provides the needed amount of pressure for the spray to function, otherwise it would just be a bottle of strongly scented liquid.

So labeling it as a scam, nevertheless a “scammm” may be a bit over the top.


This bag of chips looked full… wait for it..🥺 ##chips ##scam ##foryou ##justforyou ##underfilled

♬ Myself – Bazzi

This one’s probably known by pretty much everybody. Heck, we’ve made this joke twice already. But maybe even we jumped the gun a little.

Since packaged goods travel in pretty shaky environments, whatever they have inside would be crushed to pieces if it weren’t for the cushion of air sealed inside every bag. That’s right, that air is not your enemy. It is a cushion of love, carrying your favorite snack to your little fingers, whole.

We’ll admit, that video is a little wack and if that is actually how that bag came than someone better be calling customer service. But in general, it may certainly feel like there’s something wrong with your extra large family pack but you’ll still get the advertised amount on the package, and who likes their chips crushed anyway?


Elf primer ##duet with @moodymerlott ##ripoff ##fyp ##foryou ##elfcosmetics

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This one’s maybe a bit tricky if you aren’t familiar with cosmetics but the container in the video clearly looks like an airless pump. Airless pumps rise as more you use the product and are a great way to keep its overall form factor small.

Long story short, the woman who posted the video clearly states how she’s already used the product, which would explain why there is a lot of “empty space” in the bottle. Case dismissed.



Love getting a half empty coke! 🙃##chasinghappiness ##clowningaround ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou

♬ How Bad Can I Be? – Ed Helms

Although measurements were taken in this clip, the can of coke disappears one too many times i.e. some of it could have easily “spilled.” It’s also possible that the can may either be old or had been kept open for some time, allowing the drink to lose it’s carbonation, which would reduce it’s volume (the space it takes up).

Another possible explanation for the discrepancy is an inevitable margin of error during packaging that left this one can a little dry. We think it’s safe to say that if this case were to be true, it’s certainly a pretty rare one.


It’s cold sore season and look at Abreva SCAMMING US! There’s a tiny tube inside the package ##fyp ##scam

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Let’s just take a few shots in the dark at this one using our critical thinking skills. This is clearly used to treat a condition, in this case, a cold sore. For anything treatment related, there is a laundry list of safety warnings and instructions that have to be included on the packaging. As such, sometimes you need to enlarge the packaging to fit all the legal requirements.

While we’re on the topic of medicine, when it comes to anything medical an air gap is a must. Without one, the moisture inside the package would be unpredictable and it could cause a reaction with the ingredients of the drug. Since drugs include more complicated chemicals than whatever’s inside food products, they could certainly become toxic and have harmful effects.

As long as the label on the over-sized package reads the true amount of the product you’re getting, your class-action lawsuit won’t see the light of day. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should give companies the green light to sell us 50 mL of water in a microwave-sized bottle, but a small air gap never hurt anyone.

It’s definitely nice that consumers are looking for each other, but without some fact checking, it just looks like misguided anger, or worse, an attempt to get some internet fame. Don’t take this as a message to turn a blind eye to everything corporations do and trust them wholeheartedly. Continue to keep them in line and call them out when its warranted. But not just because you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored.