Not that we understand the name, but here’s what we know.

Foremost Mars enthusiast and scientist, Elon Musk has given birth to his first child with his girlfriend, Grimes. And don’t get ahead of yourself, he didn’t ship his wife off to Mars for the delivery. Although the location of the hospital where the child was born was not explicitly stated, we have reasons to believe it’s right here on planet Earth. Some even say California. In a tweet on Monday, he announced that the mother and child are doing fine.

Now that’s not the news. Of course, people give birth every day, and we join Elon Musk in celebrating the birth of his baby boy. The real gist is the name of the boy child of the Musk family. The billionaire and his Canadian girlfriend announced that their son would be called X Æ A-12 (no, we didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard). This news has gotten social media rightfully wild with reactions. Twitter, Musk’s favorite public arena, was rampant with questions and memes about the name of the new child.

Twitter users who are not new to Elon Musk’s jokes and funny utterances on the platform spent a lot of time tweeting at him to confirm if he was serious about the name. Part of the major headache caused by the news was the pronunciation of the name and its meaning.

In a later Twitter post confirming the news and the name, the mother of the new child, Grimes said that they have decided to give the boy that name. She further went ahead to explain the meaning of the name to fans and followers alike.

According to the singer, she said the X In the name represents an unknown variable. A-12 is the name of the family’s jet. A jet that Musk has hitherto described as a perfect airline. Known for its speed and sleekness, its nickname is Archangel.  The letter, Æ, which is pronounced Ash, is not a conventional English letter. It is a fusion of the sounds A and E and had fallen out of use in modern times.

However, European languages like Danish, Icelandic, and Norwegian still use this letter in their language. The use of Æ had been prevalent in Grimes music, as she named one of the songs on her last album, 4ÆM. She also stated that Archangel is her favorite song, although she didn’t say who the singer of the song was. Paragraph

As to the pronunciation of the name, the parents of the child didn’t leave any clue. However, when a tweep commented and asked if it will be pronounced X Ash Archangel, Musk just liked the comment indicating the possible pronunciation of the name.