Before you ask the tenant that you’re kicking out to film the apartment for you, don’t.

When your landlord pretty much forces you to move out of your apartment, there’s no sweeter revenge than making a—very—honest review of it through a video that then goes viral. Actor Sandy Batchelor knows this very well… because that’s exactly what he did.

He was recently kicked out of his apartment in Catford, South London, and was also asked by his letting agent to create a video for prospective future tenants.  “What a great way to promote the apartment”, his agent probably thought. And he thought wrong. Thousands of people are now laughing out loud after watching the brilliant review video he posted on his Twitter account. 

Among the problems he very kindly listed were mold on the ceilings, a fireplace that doesn’t work, crooked shelves, broken door handles, and even a persistent rat problem. And if you thought the video couldn’t get any better, think again. He also gave some not-so-subtle hints that there’s an ACTUAL GHOST living there, as well as strategically placed signs that warn future tenants not to move to that apartment because they’ll “hate it here”. It seems like everything that could be wrong with an apartment was wrong with his.

Screenshot of the original video posted by Sandy Batchelor

Screenshot of the original video posted by Sandy Batchelor

The video has now over 372 thousand likes, 7.5 million views, and over 5 thousand comments from people all over the world posting the best reaction GIFs and pointing out what a brilliant way to end his contract the video was.

At least he’s not alone during his suffering. His video has also inspired others to share in the comments just how awful landlords can be.

We certainly hope Sandy finds a much better apartment and a more understanding landlord! At least he’s coping with the stressful news with humor.

Besides receiving bad news, Sandy is currently trying to make a feature film about a small Scottish village cricket team who beat all the odds, and he’s raising funds to make this come true. If you’d like to support his talent, check out his IndieGoGo campaign.