It Saturday, everyone deserves to smile on Saturday.

Watching or reading the news now seems like watching a sci-fi show where eventually we’ll all end up doomed. Too much stress, thank you very much! Now that the weekend is finally here, let’s start our day with some positivity. Here are some of the happiest facts about the world you’ll ever hear that will make you forget about all your problems for a while and will put a smile on your face.

There’s a motorcycle “gang” that helps children cope with trauma

Sadly, a lot of children live under abusive and harmful conditions that leave them with trauma, which affects their everyday life. This is why Bikers Against Child Abuse works every day to create safe environments for children by accompanying them to school, court, or even around their neighborhoods. These big, tough bikers make children know they can always count on them and that there will always be someone who has their back.

Rats laugh when you tickle them

You can’t actually hear them, but tickling a rat on their belly or back makes them giggle. The best part is that they actually enjoy it! In a video that shows study results, a scientist tickled a rat only to discover that right after, the rat followed her hand, coming back for more. Rat brains also release dopamine afterward, a neurochemical associated with pleasure.

Baby elephants suck on their trunks

©Dennis Glossik for Getty Images

Just like human babies suck on their thumbs, baby elephants suck on their trunks too! For mammals, sucking equals comfort because sucking equals food from mom. Therefore, baby elephants are also born with a strong sucking reflex. As if we needed any more reasons to fall in love with these cuties!

The Pillsbury Doughboy’s real name is Poppin’ Fresh


Yep, he’s not only “that funny white dude from the cinnamon roll can”. His real name is Poppin’ Fresh, and it only makes sense. He said it for the first time in a television commercial that aired in November 1965, where he says “Hi! I’m Poppin’ Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy!”. This is something we probably didn’t need to know but that makes us SO glad we do now.

The quokka always smiling


Smiles are very contagious, and quokkas’ are a hundred times more so! This adorable animal is found in Australia and is famously known as the happiest and the friendliest animal toward humans. Many tourists love posing with these smiling creatures in Rottnest Island. If you don’t smile after looking at those chubby, fluffy beauties, you’re definitely lying.

Las Vegas allowed drivers to pay for tickets with school supplies

During the summer of 2019, the Las Vegas City Council approved a plan that allowed parking tickets to be paid by donating school supplies equalling or greater than the value of the fine. The supplies were donated to a nonprofit organization called Teachers’ Exchange. We surely hope this inspires other cities to implement similar programs!

If any of these facts made you smile (even just a little), share the happiness with someone that could use it! Let’s make this world a happier place, one random fact at a time.