Technology sure has come a long way.

Ah, to be young and naïve. Battles between generations have always been a thing, and there’s no stopping it. Although some are too absurd and can cross the line, others are too funny not to join. This time, some millennials and boomers joined forces (yep, you read that correctly) to share how back in the day, the toughest part of using a computer was not waiting 15 minutes to connect to the Internet, but having to cook hardboiled eggs to use the mouse.

Since user Marina Ayano shared this throwback on Twitter, many young people have been confused as hell —are we being serious? Are we joking around? Messing with them?

They desperately needed answers, and older generations were having the time of their lives by giving them the answers they probably weren’t expecting.

Some of them explained in detail the struggle we faced back in the day. Such a waste of eggs and time!

The dedication they showed by keeping a straight face while explaining the burden of getting those perfect yolks for a mouse to work was impressive. Kudos to all of you.

All the stories that were shared about the old egg-boiling times left gen-z folks questioning their own knowledge of the 90’s tech gadgets. THE CONFUSION WAS REAL.

Some weren’t as patient as others…

But this thread brought smiles (and a bit of confusion) to everyone, that’s for sure. Every generation has had to deal with constant criticism coming from the older generations; complaints about their behavior, their way of thinking, and even how “comfortably” they live compared to the tougher times older people had to endure back in their time, are things everyone has heard from them.

But this particular case of innocent internet trolling surely brought two generations together to have a little fun with the younger ones. A little good-intended trolling never hurts, right?