The internet, despite all it’s flaws, never fails to save the day.

Are you familiar with the immense fandom that is K-pop? If not, they’re widely known around the world for having one of the largest and most intimidating fan communities, who specialize in everything from memes to fan accounts, and stop at nothing to defend their chosen group—and I mean nothing.

Fortunately, this level of commitment has now transcended their own respective community and moved to a more crucial platform: Black Lives Matter.

Allow me to explain. It all started earlier this week when the Dallas Police Department asked the community to submit videos to their dedicated app of ‘illegal activity tied to protesting.’ K-pop stans, doing what they do best, took this opportunity to mobilize and flood the app with videos and fan-recorded clips of artists, and it was so overwhelming that the app needed to be shut down.

Following that event, K-pop stans have now moved to their next project: hashtags. Alt-right hashtags to be exact, like #BlueLivesMatter and #MAGA, so that when people search it on Twitter or Instagram, their browser will be flooded with K-pop memes, videos, references, and more that aren’t supporting these movements, but mocking them.

They’re not the only ones taking action, either. Seth Rogan is one celebrity amongst hundreds more who have vocalized their support for the BLM movement on social media the past few days, one of the most recent a few days ago:

The caption reads, ‘if this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me.’

As you can imagine, with a platform of 8.2 million followers, there’s sure to be a few who disagree. But, with Seth being Seth, he let them know that he just doesn’t give a bleep.

With a majority of the negative comments telling Seth he was wrong saying ‘All Lives Matter’, Seth replied to every one with a simple ‘f*ck you’, ‘f*ck off’, or ‘you don’t deserve my movies.’

If there’s one major takeaway from this, it’s that you don’t mess with K-pop stans or Seth Rogan. Oh, and don’t spread hate on the internet, either.

Peace and love, people. Peace and love.