Happy Father’s Day!

Ah, what a beautiful gift fatherhood is! There’s an old phrase that says that you don’t really know what it takes to be a dad until you actually become one. Surely no one has ever thought that being a dad is easy, but we bet no dad in the world must have ever expected it would be THIS hard.

But this weekend is YOUR weekend, dad! We have gathered some of the best tweets that describe what it’s really like to be a father, and they’ll make you want to call your dad straight away to say “sorry for the inconveniences!”

1. Still haven’t gotten him a gift? Sometimes a good night’s sleep is the best gift you can give to your dad.

2. When they say parents are superhuman, do they mean it like this?

3. Maybe that’s why they wanted us to stay babies forever…

4. Do we still believe that “we don’t have favorites!” thing our dad told us?

5. Dads truly have unique ways to make us behave.

6. A father’s love beats all odds. Well, nearly all of them.

7. Thank you for always believing in me, dad. I knew I could count on you.

8. They should learn about the real world while they’re young.

9. After a while, dads will take “me time” however it comes…

10. Yeah sweetie, go on while daddy gets his beer, he’s listening…

11. Kids are just so tech-savvy these days!

12. It’s funny because it’s true. Love you anyway, dad.

13. Lesson #1 from dad: DO. NOT. TOUCH.

14. 7 a.m. is never early enough.

15. No matter how many times your best friend has come to your house, he never remembers.