Good news Canadian lovers: there’s a safer way to get down and dirty, and it’s Government recommened.

If the 4-month isolation period gave you that itch you’re tired of scratching yourself, the Canadian Center for Disease Control has got your back. Since the pandemic seems to be far from over, the government understands your needs—they just want you to be safe about it. How would this be possible, you might ask?

Two words: Glory. holes. Let me explain.

On the British Columbia Center for Disease Control’s website, you will find a published list of safety precautions you should take to protect you and your partner from contracting COVID-19. They cover the usual, of course, like avoiding close facial contact and limiting the exchange of saliva. There’s one bullet, on this list, however, that might be quite easily skimmed over—perhaps even unnoticed. But we sure noticed.

BC Centre for Disease Control

One bullet listed reads ‘Choose sexual positions that limit face-to-face contact.’ Simple enough, right? Well, the bullet below that reads something a little more niche:

‘Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.’

Now if you don’t already know, glory holes are defined as ‘small holes cut into partitions that allow people to engage in penetrative and oral sex with little skin-to-skin contact outside of the areas of sexual contact.

While this is mostly an idea rather than a recommendation, it’s not the dumbest thing to try when there’s a virus going around. What have you got to lose, it’s 2020.

According to a spokesperson for the BCCDC, their recommendations were adapted from the guidelines published by the New York City health department who are encouraging partners to “make it a little kinky” by getting creative with new positions through the use of “physical barriers, like walls” in their new COVID-19-specific sex guidelines. Canada took it upon themselves to spice things up by directly referencing ‘glory holes’, and the internet—while shocked—is here for it.

The spokesperson went on to talk about the importance of sex “to a person’s mental and physical wellbeing,” and that the recommendations simply act as a safety guide to continue having it. “During the pandemic, people are continuing—and should continue—to have sex.

As if you horn-dogs out there needed another reason to engage in sexual activity during the pandemic, now there’s a safe way to do it. So, when you suggest something to your partner that’s totally out of your comfort zone, don’t be embarrassed—the CDC says it’s not weird, as long as it’s safe.